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Sisi Yemmie is in a Commercial! Watch a New Episode of ‘Sisi Weekly’ on BN TV



Food and lifestyle vlogger Sisi Yemmie is out with a new episode of her weekly vlogs, ‘Sisi Weekly‘.

In this vlog, she takes us through her day to day activities as she books her first commercial.


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  1. OA

    April 17, 2018 at 3:07 am

    Sisi, well done oh! I am proud of you. Please don’t be intimidated oh. Everyone has something unique that they are bringing to the table. You have yours and that’s why you were asked to be on the panel. Don’t feel overwhelmed either. I do think though, that having a solid mentor is a good idea. It does not even have to be a person in Nigeria. As long as you have a means of communication with that person, you should be fine. Also, the person does not even have to be in the social media business like you though somewhat advisable because they may be able to give you tips. That said, I suggest you google and find different tips and useful ideas to help you reduce any type of anxiety or sense of feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps the back to back trips, the commercial, have left you feeling like “can I really handle all of this?” Don’t worry, it will all come together.

    As for meeting fans, haba, Sisi! You’ve been doing this now for how long? Shy koh, shy nii! When you are in this type of business, you learn to overcome the shyness ni oh. Again, read up on tips, etc. I think if I saw you at the mall, for example, I would probably like to hug you, and would expect one vice-versa, but I am one of those people who “moju’s” as in I can decipher quickly and get the message and would therefore back off if need be…LOL!. After watching you since 2015, I will be surprised to not feel as if I know you well and thus be looking for a hug. Basically, don’t let people call you a snob oh! I am just saying, but then again, we will still respect your privacy sha and not encroach your space.

    You appear to be a good person. Just continue to grow yourself, and allow for some “you” time. You are going to make it. The sky is your limit! Go on ahead and fulfill destiny, Girl!

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