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BN Literacy Drive: I Dream of a Future Where My Dreams Can Become My Reality



BN Literacy DriveBecause of the continued decline of the quality of education in Nigeria, BellaNaija recently launched the BN Literacy Drive.

The aim is to promote literacy across secondary schools in Nigeria, publishing stories written by secondary school students.

We are partnering with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members who have secondary schools as their place of primary assignment (PPA) to nurture young people in a quest for increased literacy.

Our last entry was by SSS3 student Favour Ojo and it was titled “Does the Television Do More Harm Than Good?” The article was sent in by corps member Dimgba Chinomso whose PPA is Josam International School, Olasepe.

Our fourth entry is by 5 SSS1 students Lawal Shile, Hawau Adedokan, Uchechukwu Goodness Isioma, Edet Laurina and Kunle Sholanke. 

Every day, I look to the sun, and at night, I look to the stars, as I dream of a land, a land I hope to see. A land I hope to dwell in where my dreams are a reality. A land where hopes are not mere wishes or imaginations. A land where men are free to do the divine will of which they were created.

A place where milk and honey flow and is easily obtainable by the elderly, the young and even the unborn. A place that’s habitable for everyone, regardless of race or tribe, custom or religion. A place where peace and love is the only law that governs and brings the people together. Where the intellectual skill of man, his ideas, innovations, inventions are all for the promotion not the destruction of man.

A land where children are free to dream and are certain that they will be a reality. Where imaginary structures and buildings that are put in place in my mind are brought to life. A continent where every man has a right to life, not slavery. A land where man isn’t subjected to the suffering, human trafficking, unemployment, oppression and all manner of unthinkable atrocities brought upon him by his fellow man. A place where abuse does not thrive, unlike the harsh reality where psychological, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse have become the new normal.

A society where the lives of men are made a priority over financial gain. Where men have access to quality healthcare and education. Access to clean water. Where men feel protected knowing that the armed forces are there to shield them. Where men and women are the same with a pure heart free of deceit and treachery. Where the youth are not left to roam the streets jobless and in need of shelter or left to die with their dream because no one gave a hand of help, encouragement or support.

I dream of becoming great; maybe an astronaut who makes his first mark in outer space or a space engineer known for his craft and third world machines. I dream of becoming a president who rules with wisdom and truth and builds a society that rests on the foundation of love, strength, unity, hope, and not lies. I could become an inventor who creates things out of the ordinary that can bring imagination to life. I see myself becoming and achieving so many things, without fear or obstacles, surmounting hurdles with ease. I take on challenges, as they make me stronger and position me for the greater glory ahead.

Sadly, they remain dreams, because the harsh reality is that we live in a world where the cruelty and evil embedded in man’s heart has eaten up what’s left of the good in the society. Rather than drink from the wells and rivers of truth, all we have are oceans, streams and rivers of lies, deceit, corruption, wickedness, greed and lust. And all who are left to dream are crushed, while the evil ones revel in the satisfaction it brings knowing that they have put in place structures and laws that will never make those dreams a reality.

My hopes are dashed and moments of happiness cut short when I remember where I am and the world in which I belong to. But dreams are there for a reason and the ability to dream is a gift that I am blessed with. In a world where the mind is the only escape to peace and calm, love and a better life, I won’t stop dreaming. For the one who made me commissioned it so and it pleased Him because He knows that the mind is powerful enough to bring to life the treasures that it holds and that time is the only friend and enemy of man. I hold on to the fact that everything has a beginning and an end and this too shall pass. So yes, I will wait and keep dreaming because I know that one day, those dreams will become strong giants that can pass through the portals of the spiritual into the physical and break down anything negative in its path.

I believe in Africa, I believe in Nigeria, I believe in you and I believe in me.

Interested corps members should send a mail to features (at) bellanaija (dot) com with the title “BN Literacy Drive.


  1. Bukunmi Bello

    September 28, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    Yes! I believe in Nigeria, thank you guys for believe in Nigeria enough to express them in words. This is full of hope

    • Chinomso Dimgba

      September 28, 2018 at 9:23 pm

      Thank you Sir. We pray our dream of a better Nigeria comes true

  2. Godsown

    September 28, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    I agree with your hopes and dreams, that d lives of men shall be a priority. Great thought guys. Tom’s up to Miss Dimgba

  3. Seun Daniels

    September 28, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    Good piece. We all hope and pray for a Nigeria like this but it will take our collective will. Kudos

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