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#LiterallyWhatsHot: Atang-Agama Osoisi’s New Book Will Arm You With All You Need to Stand the Test of Time

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In this book, Atang-Agama Osoisi carefully highlights why many are not getting what they ought to get out of life. Man initially survived in his environment by living each day as it comes. But with the advent and rapid advancement of technology and media, the world has become a fast-paced system with things becoming obsolete faster than you can blink your eyes. Men are no longer in competition with themselves on a local scale alone, but with never-ending ideas, concepts, and data on a worldwide scale. The likelihood of success in any chosen career path depends on how you have learned to catch up with the current trends in that industry.

What the Future Knows About the Past arms you with what you need to ride with the tides and stand the test of time. A plan will remain a plan and not yield results if you don’t have the necessary elements you need to win in a competitive world. Also stated is the importance of having more than one “gift.” Like a popular Yoruba saying, “One road doesn’t lead to the market.”

This book cuts across all ages as it shows the younger generation how to shape their narrative early and the older generation how to reinvent themselves. No one is left behind; it doesn’t matter if you dropped out of school or have the highest educational qualification.

Notes to parents is a recurring theme as how an adult turns out depends a lot on his/her formative years. It has a lot to teach you on how to be an intentional parent and coach your child(ren) to greatness.

If you feel you are too old to make any significant changes, think about the men and women who achieved great feats in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. As long as you have decided not to give up, this book will take your hand as you walk down the path of rediscovering yourself. What you’d get in the pages of this book cannot be taught in the four walls of a school. It doesn’t matter how much you dream about and anticipate the future, it is a result of what you are doing today. That’s why I’d call this book the Golden Book of Life.

When I took a look at the book title, I thought it would be one of those books that would put me to sleep. Few pages in, it knocked me off my feet. I saw myself traveling through time as my life flashed before me. But most importantly, I found a treasure in there and you will, too, if you can read it with an open mind. I strongly believe if Solomon and Daniel were living in our time, they would have co-authored this book.

My only grudge against the author was he whet my appetite and left me hanging. I wish he’d have expatiated on a lot of things he talked about.

I’d rate this book 4.5 stars and encourage you to get it as a life-redirection-project. Don’t just read it. Study it, apply it and you’d definitely get results.

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Reviewed by Yemi Taiwo. Yemi is one chemist you wouldn’t catch mixing chemicals. Instead, she creates powerful reactive agents with the use of words. It’s no wonder she’s called “D Word Chemist.” You can find her mixing concoctions at her lab.

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