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#BN2018Epilogues: Ejiro is Ending 2018 With a Big Smile on Her Face

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Remember when we asked you to send in essays discussing how 2018 was for you? Because, you know, writing can be the best therapy. And sharing your joy and pain and all the emotions you’ve felt through the year can only be a good thing.

Ejiro started the year with excitement, believing all it had coming was amazingness. But things quickly turned south. Thankfully, she’s ending it was with a big smile on her face, everything ending well.


What can I say or do but to be thankful to God for His mercies and grace.

My 2018 started with confidence and excitement for a new phase of my life after NYSC. What I was confronted with, instead, was a fall from top to bottom, from job hunting to losing the boyfriend I thought I was going to marry.

I had connections in high places and forgot that God was the highest of them. I later understood Proverbs 21:1. Connections that could land me a job without an interview, but all they wanted was sex. I almost did it but I restrained myself.

My father and I were always at each other’s throats. He never encouraged me, was always comparing me with people who were doing well. Coming from my own father, I was deeply hurt; however, my mum encouraged me and set up a business for me, which was tough. I was broke, had no job, was dependent on men to give me money, lost my connection with God, stopped going to church, friends left and I wasn’t particularly a nice one because I started to withdraw from them. I lost my confidence, plans of going out for my master’s degree went south, everything wasn’t just working.

Every interview feedback was ‘no’, (you should meet me for the latest current affairs), every day was tears… untilOctober.

God found me. He made me laugh again. First I asked for His forgiveness. I forgave myself, asked for forgiveness from everyone I hurt, forgave everyone that hurt me, and I healed completely. I started to smile again, and that was when two jobs came at the same time. Money started flowing in, all the things I lost were restored, my business was blooming.

I can say He is working for me and I am definitely ending this year with a big smile on my face and a lesson to always put Him first. And to my friend Tobi, he was always there when the nos where coming, telling me to keep trusting in Him.


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