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Ekiti Deputy Governor advises Buhari to Allocate Oil Wells to States

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Allocate oil wells to States - Ekiti govt tells FG -BellaNaija

Deputy governor of the Ekiti state, Bisi Egbeyemi has called on the Federal Government to allocate oil wells to states of the federation, to make them more buoyant and less dependent on the federal government for survival.

Egbeyemi said this is a necessary step in ensuring states are more viable and also to ensure they meet their obligations.

According to Vanguard, Egbeyemi said this on a tv programme over the weekend, charging the Federal goverment to strip individuals of oil blocs and allocate them to states instead to foster development. He said:

 The victory achieved by the President was a victory for Nigeria indeed and the masses who reposed confidence in him and voted him back to office.

This is the time for him to take some bold and radical decisions to make life better for the citizenry and ensure economic recovery.

President Buhari, during his second term, must make the states buoyant. He must take oil wells from individuals and allocate them to the states so that they can pay their workers, build more infrastructure and establish industries.

We have some individuals holding oil wells having billions of naira coming to them every day while majority of Nigerians are living in poverty.

Egbeyemi also enjoined the president to constitute a think tank that will ensure his administration immediately hits the ground running after taking the oath of office for the second time on May 29.

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