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Peeyush Garg of Daraju Industries covers Forbes Africa’s Latest Issue



The founder and Chairman of Daraju Industries, Peeyush Garg was featured in the February edition of Forbes Africa magazine.

Garg founded Daraju Industries in Nigeria in 2008 when there was high importation for some of the most common goods. Daraju Industries have since then become one of the fastest growing makers of FMCG products in the home-brand front.

Daraju is the makers of the popular toothpaste MYMY, MYMY detergent and many other FMCG products.

Peeyush Garg, while describing how they settled for the brand name MYMY for most of their products, said the company set out to create an individual identity and a Nigerian personality for the product. He said this was specifically one of the main reasons the company has succeeded in the country.

He said:

The name MYMY says it all. It is true that Nigeria is a country of diverse culture; however, the need of the consumer is one – a product of quality and affordability. Consumers need a product that caters to their needs and represents them. To promote individuality and give a Nigerian identity to the manufactured goods, Daraju found that nothing could give more personalization to an item better than calling it “mine.” Thus, the name MYMY was created, and MYMY became the brand name for Daraju products. MYMY was not only a brand but a concept, and the concept was My Country My Product.

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