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This 70-Year-Old has been making “Fantasy Coffins” for 50 Years | Watch him talk about his Passion



Ghanaian carpenter Joseph Ashong is making some of the most awe-inspiring coffin styles you will ever come across. The carpenter has designed fantasy coffins ranging from eagles, octopuses, walkmans to even some types of fishes.

The 70-year-old man speaks with 60secdocs on some of the challenges and support he has received over the many years he has spent working as a fantasy coffin maker.

“For fifty years, I’m carving everything,” Ashong says in the interview.

Ashong, on normal instances, usually needs help from five people to make one coffin. The help always comes. But some people are always against his style of building coffins and his profession.

Joseph Ashong has made peace with the fact that everyone will die soon and he believes it is the love you will get from people that matter.

Watch the video below:

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