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Are You Looking for a Beautiful, Spacious & Affordable House in Lagos? CHOIS has got You Covered



There are a few feelings more satisfying in life than the joy you feel when you receive the keys to your beautiful new home. Whether it’s your first home or your second or your third, the feeling never gets old. Those keys represent the culmination of your hard work and mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Everyone deserves to experience this feeling.

Sadly, a lot of people cannot afford this feeling- literally. Home prices are high and they are only getting higher. In Lagos state, property prices have risen by double figures over the last half a decade. The bad news is that this inflationary trend is on course to continue for some time to come. But here’s the good news.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to own a quality home in a quality neighbourhood in Lagos state. In response to the problems listed above, the Lagos State government in collaboration with Frist World Communities (FWC) created the Cooperative Home Owners Investment Scheme (CHOIS). The scheme was established to provide quality homes and first-class living conditions at affordable prices.

The CHOIS portfolio currently consists of five estates: CHOIS Garden. CHOIS Communities, CHOIS Rowty, and CHOIS Oasis, all located in Abijo, Lekki. There is also CHOIS City located in Agbowa in Ikorodu. CHOIS estates, or communities as they call them, consist of diverse home types. The homes are beautiful, spacious and most importantly, they are affordable.

But what does affordable really mean? It is a relative term so it means different things to different people. Affordable in this case means that regular people earning regular incomes looking to own well-built homes in secure Lagos neighbourhoods can do so with ease.

CHOIS’ objective is not just to sell homes, but to build communities- that is the cooperative way. When you buy a CHOIS home, you do not only purchase a piece of property, you become a stakeholder in the community in which you live.

CHOIS homes are income-inclusive. Currently, you can own a 3-bedroom semi-detached bungalow at CHOIS City from #8.36m. You could also purchase a 3-bedroom private access maisonette at CHOIS Oasis could be yours from #22.22m. The prices are similarly friendly across all the estates.

CHOIS’ payment plans are flexible. In true cooperative style, they demand lower down payments, charge lower closing costs and allow for longer mortgage terms than any other independent home ownership options. You can buy a home outright or you can pay over a period of as long as twenty-four months, whatever puts the least strain on your budget.

And therein lies the point.

Owning a quality home in Lagos should not be the exclusive preserve of the highest earners. Hard working citizens should with mid to low-level incomes should be able to become homeowners too and thanks to CHOIS, now they can.

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