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From Disagreements to Romantic Pillow Talks, Catch Up on all the Gist of #BBNaija Day 11



 Change of Plan

Biggie has decided to help the Housemates with their play.

With the spirit of Mike’s birthday still in the air, Biggie decided to be very kind to the Housemates today by lending a helping hand to their play Task. Just after a thorough workout session, the Housemates were asked to move to the lounge where HoH Nelson read out Biggie’s instruction: “In order for you not to waste Big Brother’s time, Big Brother has decided to help you simplify the task.”

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The Simplification

Despite the efforts infused into the current plan, the Housemates will now have to go by Biggie’s simplified version of their play. Here are a few spices that have just been added to the play:

  • It must be a comedy.
  • It must have elements of romance.
  • They must impersonate animals as represented with their costumes.
  • And it must have some music.

Even though they have already gone far in their plan and have even started rehearsing it, the Housemates will now have to start all over again. Will they do it better now with Biggie’s help? Let’s keep watching.

A Hot Rehearsal

With Biggie’s plan in hand, the housemates now have a clear picture of the direction of the play. At first, there’s an argument about which version of the play to go with. This too was quickly resolved when they decided to vote whether they should go with the first or the second one. In the end, they settled for the second play, which to those who voted for it appeared funnier than the first.

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A little Disagreement

During rehearsal, director Omashola got angry at Sir Dee for slowing down the pace of their rehearsal with his remarks. This led to an exchange of words between them. After this, they went back to the rehearsal. With the way the Pepper Dem gang are going about this rehearsal drills, we should prepare for a fun-filled entertainment.

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As they get set to finally present the play today, we hope the Housemates won’t disappoint us.

Pillow Talk

After the party, came the spice.

It was an early night for the Pepper Dem Housemates as they retired to bed almost immediately after Thelma’s birthday party.

Warming up

Khafi and Gedoni are gunning to be the Head of Department-Ministry of Romance. The way space is closing up between these two is something that leaves us wondering. From giving her lessons in pidgin to intense caressing at night, the fire between these Housemates is really waging stronger. Beneath the sheets, we hear them whisper about sourcing for more Bet9ja Coins with Gedoni promising Khafi to talk to other Housemates for Coins. Hmmm, bobo has started pledging his love oh. We are keeping our fingers crossed for when things start to get spicy from them.

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While Khafi and Gedoni were inseparable, Mercy was getting the back view from Ike. Let’s throwback to when the rebuffs started.

Earlier in the day, Big Brother instructed the Housemates to find a pair for a Task that was loading and Mercy picked Ike. The dude bluntly told Mercy that he doesn’t mix business with pleasure so she should pick another Housemate. Later on, we hear Mercy telling Ike that she likes him even though he chose someone else. To which Ike just smiled. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Mercy climbed into Ike’s bed only for him to start a gist with KimOprah. What did Mercy do? She turned to her God, prayed and moved to la-la land.

1562813233 34 screenshot 2019 07 11 at 3.24.45 am

Magical Artwork

The Housemates create fascinating paintings with pieces of paper as the canvass.

A few minutes after lunch, Biggie gathered the Housemates in the Lounge. Then HoH Nelson read to them the Task for the day. In the garden, the Housemates have been provided with paintbrushes and some paint to create very attractive artwork. For each Housemate, the paper must be used as a canvass on which a fascinating painting must be created. The artworks must differ from one Housemate to another and no Housemate is allowed to help another in the Task.

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Since the Task has no price tag, even though the Housemates would have loved that some Bet9ja Coins were attached to it, they all feel very relaxed. When it started to rain, they moved the paintings inside. Ella was drawing a flower, Mike a house and Thelma some stars and a tree. Tacha’s is different, she only did calligraphy that spelt “real” in capital letters. Sir Dee and Esther found this funny, as only hers was not a real drawing.

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While some Housemates were busy drawing, others took the time to have some rest; Seyi was seen taking a nap by the corner of the room while Gedoni watched sitting on a stool. Esther and Jackye were the last to finish their paintings.

As they rounded off their painting exercise, the Housemates tried to get a little rest before the time to stage their well-rehearsed play starts.

When the time for the play finally comes, will they be able to put up an act to remember for a while?

Housemates Lose Wager

Nobody wins when Biggie isn’t impressed.

Despite two days of altercations and rehearsals for the Thursday Task Presentation, the Pepper Dem Housemates have lost their Wager. The Play which featured a series of short performances that touched on social ills in the society saw the Housemates pulling all their weights to deliver an exceptional presentation. In the end, a rather unimpressed Biggie decided they didn’t put in enough effort deserving of a win.

Earlier as the Housemates trooped out to give the performance of their lives, the impression was one of a harmonious procession, but that wasn’t the case in the days leading up to the Play. The rehearsal that fast turned into a case of a Danfo bus having Nineteen drivers trying to grab the steering wheel while trying to get to their destination. The days leading to the eventual Task presentation was really chaotic leaving Seyi the Director frustrated at almost every turn. From deciding which social cause to spotlight to Tacha storming off in annoyance and refusing to participate and the several opinionated Housemates who wanted it their way or the highway, the rehearsal journey was anything but smooth.

Rumours of certain Housemates collecting Coin payment from Biggie to jeopardize the Play didn’t help either as Housemates suspected each other of sabotage. Frodd and Esther mentioned Tacha’s name during the Diary session when asked by Biggie who they suspected of trying to Jeopardise the Play. Jackye thought some of the Housemates, especially the ones up for Eviction were just being overly dramatic to keep the spotlight on themselves.

The Presentation was an elaborate Play including comedy, romance, animal impersonation and ended with an original song composed by the Housemates. Opening with Tuoyo and Mercy playing the role of a couple in love, the Play examined societal issues like sexual harassment, drug abuse, and suicide. Despite their worthy causes, Biggie felt the performance was below par and they ended up losing their Wager. While appraising their performance, Biggie rebuked the Housemates for their poor showing in the run-up to the Thursday Task Presentation. Making reference to them letting their ego get in the way and failing to work as a cohesive unit.

It wasn’t an entire loss for the Housemates as Nelson earned himself a 100 Bet9ja Coins for a job well done as HoH while Khafi and Kim also smiled back into the House with Coins for their outstanding Celebrity/PA roles.

As they all made their way back into the House, they had one thing on their mind – the next Wager. How well will they perform? Will they learn from their past mistakes? A lot will be revealed during the next Thursday Task Presentation

Watch the Wager Task Presentation

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