Nelson Becomes HoH

After a rigorous peg and button Task, Nelson emerges the new HoH.

The HoH for week two in Biggie’s House has emerged – and it’s Nelson.

An attractive position that empowers the holder with a special Badge, a whopping 250 Bet9ja Coins and a luxurious Head of House bedroom to which he could invite one person among fellow Housemates to enjoy with him. In addition, he is also privileged to sit on a special HoH chair.

To enjoy all of these luxuries, this lofty position has to be earned. To become the HoH, the Housemates were tasked to fetch as many buttons as possible from a bucket of water using the pegs provided. Each button must be placed in the plate provided.

But here’s the twist: a new peg must be used to pick the different buttons each time. On top of that, inside of the bucket was slippery. And the Housemates must use only one hand, while the other hand is folded behind their back. All of these must be done within 120 seconds for the first round.

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The first four finalists, Mercy, Nelson and Ike got 11 buttons except for Khafi who only got 8. Another round saw Mercy opting out of the Game with the lowest buttons, with Nelson and Ike having 16 each. Interesting, isn’t it? At last, Nelson beat Ike with 14 buttons to 13. Thus, Nelson emerges the new HoH. Congrats, Nelson! And good luck on your HoH title.

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Now that Nelson has emerged the HoH, we hope to see what he is going to do differently from the former HoH Jeff. Fingers crossed.

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