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Burna Boy’s Great Week, Precious Owolabi & #JusticeForChinedu – What Went Down this Week

May we continue to find the fortitude to bear the reality of living in Nigeria.



This week own na mix bag. Some of the worst things happened, but it was some people’s best week of their lives. That’s how life is sha. Let’s get right down to it!

6 Shiites, Precious Owolabi, & a Deputy Commission of Police Die in a Peaceful Protest

It’s the kind of thing that happens in Nigeria, people dying in a peaceful protest.

The Shiites, as usual, had been protesting the continued detainment of their leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky in Abuja. The protesters claimed the officers attacked them. a source claimed the protesters threw petrol bombs. The DCP was allegedly shot when he was pacifying the protesters, but photos show the back of his head as the entry point of the bullet. Precious Owolabi, a corps member serving with Channels Television was “hit by bullets.

What’s important to note is that so many died, and nothing has been done to prevent more deaths. El-Zakzaky is still being detained. The Shiites will continue to protest. Probably, security officials will continue to open fire on them.

President Releases Friends, sorry Ministerial List

Do you want to be a minister of the giant of Africa, the great nation Nigeria with its good people? It’s easy! Here’s how!

Campaign aggressively for the incumbent president who runs for a second term. You don’t have to have a great track record or be a technocrat like the country needs—who cares? All you need to do is help defeat your brother in your state elections. Or you can either be an outgoing state governor who helps the president win your state by a margin of 10,000 votes. Or you might have even been been writing press releases and fighting haters on Twitter. That’s perfectly all right. Next thing, you’re a minister! See? Easy.

Let’s see what the people have to say:

Boris Johnson becomes UK Prime Minister

Now that it has happened it seems inevitable: Boris Johnson is the top man in the UK. What a world we live in.

Sure, he’s not exactly True. His politics are nowhere near severe. Still, we’ve heard him being islamophobic, racist and homophobic at different times. Except, when it suited his politics, he’s also been against those things.

Here’s what people are saying:

Burna Boy’s Great Week

Omo, Burna Boy had what was probably the greatest week of his life.

With the shine on appearing on Beyoncé‘s album last week still present, the singer performed on American TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The he released a mad single, “Pull Up.” But the absolute best thing to happen was the release of his new album, “African Giant.” Goes without saying that the album is an absolute jam.

We’re absolutely delighted for him, and so is everyone else.

Grace in Boko Haram Captivity and Leah Sharibu’s Reported Death

Boko Haram on Wednesday released a video showing six aid workers with Action Against Hunger they had abducted. In the video, one of the aid workers, who identified herself as Grace appealed to the federal government and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to assist in securing her release. She’s the only Christian among the six, she revealed, and the last Christian captured by the sect, Leah Sharibu, had died, she said.

It’s funny, how most people had little to say about the six women now in captivity. All attention was on Leah’s reported death.

The presidency released a statement saying their attention has been called to the video, and contact is being made. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

The Nigeria Police Force, Nigerians, and #JusticeForChinedu

This one really hurts. Seeing Chinedu Obi on the ground begging in a pool of his own blood while Nigerians curse him and record it all numbs the brain. And all because he broke windshields. Somehow, that’s justification for taking his life. People are heartless oo.

And that’s all for this week. May we continue to find the fortitude to bear the reality of living in Nigeria. Have a great weekend!

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