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Yes, the Founder of a €20Billion Real Estate Firm has his Bad Days Too | WATCH Ric Lewis share his Worst Day with Peace Hyde



Ric Lewis, CEO of Tristan Capital Partners, is first up on the global edition of Forbes Africa‘s My Worst Day with Peace Hyde. Setting the pace for what is bound to be a powerhouse line, Lewis takes us on an incredible journey from walking away from the company he built from the ground up.

Sharing his remarkable journey where he built one of the most lucrative private equity firms in Real Estate in the US, Ric is a firm believer of dreaming big and taking calculated risks. But when differences in culture and management forced Ric to leave the company he had built from the ground up, Ric was left with the daunting reality of starting all over again.

Find out how he coped with his Worst Day in business by watching the full interview with Forbes Correspondent Peace Hyde below:

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