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Fights over Biggie’s Gifts, Truths & Dares, Dano Milk Challenges & Party with DJ Humility! Highlights from #BBNaija Day 48



The Resolution Taunt

After a heated battle of words, Seyi and Frodd were dared to hug out their differences.

What’s the Pepper Dem House without some fiery arguments over food issues? At this rate, it’s safe to say that they take pride as warriors fighting over anything that concerns food (or in this case, alcohol).

The Rattle

As a reward for impressing Biggie in this week’s Wager Presentation, the Pepper Dem Gang were given a surprise treat of alcoholic beverages. This was what birthed the shades of insults the Housemates hurled at each other.

First, it was a battle between Jackye and Khafi; “Don’t shout at me,” Jackye shouted across the Lounge as she addressed Khafi. According to Khafi, she didn’t quite understand why Jackye was hell-bent on monopolizing Biggie’s gifts – “It’s not for the Cruisetopia team alone, it’s a general gift,” she said.

In Jackye’s defence, she had asked Biggie for a special request of a bottle of wine earlier this week. Upon seeing the bottles of alcoholic beverages in the Store Room, she immediately assumed the drinks were prayers answered from Biggie.

We reckon part of what made her think the drinks were for her group was because they were announced as the winners of this week’s Bet9ja Arena Games. Oh well, a gift from Biggie, is a gift for all, right?

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Another Thump

Still on the drinks matter, Frodd and Seyi had a second round of argument over Biggie’s gifts.

Was the reward for the Cruisetopia team or for the whole House? Frodd didn’t care, all he wanted to know was why Seyi’s team members – the Cruisetopia team, took it upon themselves to hoard the drinks in their room.

“You said nobody should take drinks to their rooms but your people are taking the drinks inside,” Frodd screamed at Seyi.

Seyi who was already agitated from losing the Arena Challenge, did not fail to call Frodd’s bluff as he kept asking him, “I’m a big man where I’m coming from, don’t talk to me, do you know my lineage?” To which Frodd responded, “Who cares about your lineage?”

After a series of heated arguments between this pair, the matter died down in the Kitchen but not in the Garden because Frodd took his anger to Ike and Sir Dee, where he aired his fury and irritation.

In his words, he was sure Seyi came back into the House after his fake Eviction with some sort of pride and arrogance which was starting to get to him.

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The Dissolving Dare

As usual, the Pepper Dem Gang treated us to a game of “Truth or Dare” and in the process of entertaining themselves with this game, they broke the ice between the warriors – Frodd and Seyi.

Mike being the resident peacemaker, earned the title tonight when he was put in a position to dare Seyi. “I dare you to hug out your differences with Frodd for twenty minutes,” he said.

It was truly a heart-warming moment in the House as the two sheepishly hugged it out. Thanks, Mike!

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We enjoy the daily dose of drama the Housemates bring to our screens and we can’t help but wonder how many of these fights will get resolved. Should we expect more reconciliation dares during their game sessions?

Groove On With DJ Humility And Lil Kesh

It’s all about turning up in Big Brother Naija as DJ Humility and Lil Kesh are set to give us a spectacular weekend.

While DJ Humility takes grooving to the next level with the Pepper Dem Housemates tonight, Lil Kesh will own the stage at the Live Eviction Show on Sunday with a thrilling performance we won’t forget in a jiffy.

On The Wheels Of Steel

Known for his impeccable skills on the turntable and his rocky style, DJ Humility will be live in the building to dish us a great mix of tunes.

The award-winning DJ whose real name is Afagwu Benedict is versed in a variety of sounds – Hip Hop, EDM, rock, classical and Afro beats and he is ever ready to dish it all out on the Big Brother stage tonight. The Rythm 93.7 FM resident DJ will be releasing some banging tunes so the Housemates will forget their Eviction worries on the dance floor.

No doubt about it, DJ Humility’s banging rhythm will hook up the Pepper Dem Gang (and you too) until the end of the Party. Oh, we all should be on the lookout for a fresh round of Enkay and Mercy’s energetic dance moves this time.

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More Music Please

After the fun and grinding on Saturday Night, Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter Lil Kesh is going to take over the stage at the Live Eviction Show. With his music style and versatility, it’s going to be entertainment at its peak and we are sure pumped up for it.

To ease the tension of the Eviction, the shoki crooner will be on stage to give us some of his hits, back to back. Lyrically, Lil Kesh head dey there and we are waiting for him to spit those lines the way we love.

1564835282 33 lil kesh 2

With the great acts Biggie has lined up for us, this is a fun way to spend the weekend.

Source: Instagram – @lilkeshofficial

Team Dano Choco Wins

Putting up a valiant effort, Team Dano Choco, comprising of Seyi, Venita and Tacha won the Dano Milk Challenge.

Venita impeccable performance during the Dano Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge sealed the victory for Team Dano Choco in the Dano Milk Challenge. The Team which also comprised of Seyi and Esther got the cash prize of 750,000 Naira and a year’s supply of Arla Dano products.

The challenge started with a brief reading in the lounge and required the Housemates to be grouped in teams of three. The teams were Dano Cool Cow, Dano Full Cream, Dano Slim, Dano Choco Dano Strawberry and Dano UHT.

The Jingle

The challenge kicked off with the Dano radio jingle Task. where the Pepper Dem Gang showed off their skills in the Arena. An interesting twist was Biggie stepping down from scoring the Housemates and giving them the chance to score each other. This made the jingle Task a bit tricky as some teams took the scoring personal. This happened when Mercy’s team, Dano Strawberry which included Joe and Diane, scored Omashola’s team zero in response to earning one point from them.

1566061240 34 screenshot 2019 08 17 at 2.27.25 pm

For their stellar performance, the teams scored the Dano Choco team (Mike, Gedoni and Jackye) 20 points. Other teams like Dano Slim ( Enkay, Cindy, Sir Dee) and Dano UHT (Seyi, Venita and Esther) were given 13 and 19 points respectively. Team Dano Full Cream (Omashola, Khafi and Frodd) scored eight making them the bottom-ranked team.

1566061152 34 screenshot 2019 08 17 at 2.10.58 pm

The Trivia Round

This round tested the knowledge of the Pepper Dem Gang about current affairs and other trivia items. The individual teams put up a fair performance although Biggie was worried enough to suggest they might have to have more trivia Tasks in the future.  Team Dano Full Cream won this round with nine points but didn’t amass enough points to proceed to the final round. Team Dano Choco, UHT and Cool Cow proceeded to the final round scoring 25, 24 and 21 points respectively.

1566074332 56 screenshot 2019 08 17 at 2.07.24 pm

Fitting the Pieces  

The challenge ended with a fun Jigsaw Puzzle. Who knew Venita had a thing for puzzles? Not only did she finish hers in record time, but she also proceeded to help her teammates as they finished in 7 minutes, 15 seconds. Team Dano UHT and Cool Cow couldn’t finish theirs in the allotted time making Team Choco the winner of the Challenge.

1566074546 56 video to gif

Watch the video here

No Party Like The Pepper Dem Party

Nothing like a Saturday Night Party with DJ Humility and the Pepper Dem Gang.

Saturday is never complete until the Pepper Dem Gang bring down the roof with the Saturday Night Party. Dressed to slay in their SGTC Clothing, the Pepper Dem Gang stormed the club to party with DJ Humility going hard on the turntables.

The Mirror Clique

If there’s one thing the ladies of the Pepper Dem Gang love at the Saturday Night Parties, it’s watching themselves get down to the music in front of the mirror. The thrill of watching themselves move to the music in both a sensual and electrifying manner gets them grooving nonstop. The usual clique made up of DianeMercy and Khafi were as usual, right in front of the mirror dropping it low and jumping up high as DJ Humility filled the room with the sweets sounds of Naija’s chart-topping hits. Cindy and Elozonam were the new recruits to the mirror clique and they proved to us why they deserved to be in front of the mirror with the hippest dance moves.

1566081307 56 screenshot 2019 08 17 at 9.32.03 pm

The Lover’s Dance

Only lovers and lovers in progress got to enjoy the thrill of this dance. Gedoni/Khafi, Mercy/Ike, and Frodd/Esther had the time of their lives dancing with each other. It was a cute sight watching them whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears as they danced. Elozonam and Diane weren’t exactly lovers, but they did get their groove on like one.

1566081381 56 screenshot 2019 08 17 at 9.36.53 pm

The Lone Vibe

Cindy was a vibe. The party crooner was the life of the party all by herself. Often seen by herself delivering the most energetic dance move, she sure knew how to rock her body all by herself. Every party needs a Cindy. Her party vibes were infectious and you’d never see her at a party dancing and not want to get up and move your body.

1566082146 56 screenshot 2019 08 17 at 9.11.37 pm

The end of the Saturday Night Party comes with a mix of joy and fear. Joy in the fact that the Housemates just shared a special time together and fear that they are now closer to Sunday and that means someone might be going home soon. It’s a mix of joy and fear in the House at the moment. Let’s see how the Pepper Dem Gang hold up.

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  1. Eire

    August 18, 2019 at 8:48 am

    This your narrator is mixing up the teams. Dano Choco is seyi,venita n Esther, stop the confusion.

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