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Joe & Enkay Evicted, Elozonam wins Veto Power on #BBNaija Day 49



Rough Play

Another Saturday Night Party, another series of events to accompany it.

Birthday Boy

With the Dano Milk Challenge and the Saturday Night Party, it almost seemed like Joe’s birthday was going to go on without much fanfare, however, Big Brother came through for the birthday boy with a cake and some bottles of wine to make sure the party got popping. The Housemates must have been waiting for the cake cause no sooner had it arrived that Cindy alongside a few other Housemates started picking the toppings on the cake to the mild irritation of Venita.

The Head of House, Seyi stepped in and called for a get-together party for the celebrant in the garden.
Fast forward to the Garden, the Housemates excluding Tacha had one or two things to say about Joe and we were not spared the lengthy speeches from the Housemates. All in all, they all agreed that Joe had his bad side, but apart from that, he was a great guy. Anyways, happy birthday Joe, we love you.

1566098823 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 4.15.43 am

Inappropriateness or Child’s Play?

Frodd’s infatuation with Esther keeps getting stronger each day, but this time, it took a rather inappropriate turn.

It has always been ‘touch and go’ with this pair since we have known them but at the Saturday Night Party, we saw the two dancing closely just like last Saturday. After the Party, was another story as Frodd attempted to get cozy with Esther. That round was not successful as Esther left Frodd to go pitch her tent somewhere else. Later, Esther was seen massaging Frodd and we were left wondering what happened to warrant such VIP treatment from her.

1566097538 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 2.08.05 am

Well, we soon got our answer as Esther and Frodd entered into a mild argument about sleeping appropriately on her bed. According to the former, she will not entertain Frodd sleeping in the nude on her bed and to show she wasn’t making an empty threat, she dragged the duvet off Frodd and pushed him off her bed.

Big Brother, of course, sees everything and he called Frodd into the Diary Room. We don’t know what transpired in their session but as soon as Frodd entered the bedroom, he silently went to his bed to sleep. Maybe that was what he needed. A timeout on his own bed. Before he pushes the line of inappropriateness any further.

While Frodd and Esther had their back and forth, Diane and Elozonam engaged in a little child’s play of duvet snatching. After lights out, Elozonam pulled Diane’s duvet from her bed and she retaliated by snatching his too. Theirs was quite lighthearted as both were caught laughing at each other’s folly and Elozonam knew when she said “that’s enough,” she meant it and he heeded.

Wait a second, are these two already a ship? Diane and Elozonam, we need answers oh.

1566098763 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 4.24.35 am

Eviction-ready With The Icons

Being the team up for possible Eviction this week, The Icons got ready for the long day ahead.

Frodd, Omashola, Khafi, Tacha, Enkay, Ike, Elozonam, Cindy and Joe lost the Nomination battle to team Cruisetopia, which automatically put them all up for possible Eviction. Well for Joe, he got grabbed by the cold hands of the Save and Replace VPH power.

Boxes Down!

Woken up by Biggie’s music marathon, the members of The Icons team slowly dragged their feet as they nervously went ahead to pack up their clothes.

In the midst of packing, Mercy told Ike to leave the House with memorable items from her. In his response, Ike teased her about taking her set of underwear. We couldn’t help but notice the fear in Mercy’s eyes as she talked about the possibility of Ike getting Evicted tonight.

While the likes of Tacha and Khafi had already packed up their boxes the night before, Frodd, Joe and Ike spent the early hours of the morning packing. Good luck guys.

1566135820 34 pack

Getting Their Glam On

Trust MegaGrowth Nigeria and Darling Nigeria to come through for the Pepper Dem Gang on Eviction mornings with the grooming sessions. As the Housemates talked about the hairstyles they would like to have, their requests were heard and within a few hours, each Nominated Housemate got touched by the magical hands of MegaGrowth Nigeria and Darling Nigeria.

Even with the presence of Eviction butterflies and just like every other day, the Pepper Dem Gang always look forward to getting their beauty treats. Tacha, Frodd, Khafi, Omashola and Ike can testify.

Cindy, Elozonam and Joe who got their first hair delight in the Pepper Dem House did not fail to show their satisfaction as they kept beaming with joy and appreciation.

We got some transformation from some members of the gang, Ike who decided to go for a new look, got a lot of comments for his striking resemblance with International artistes – Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky… oh, we lost count. In addition, it was refreshing seeing Khafi and Elozonam with somewhat different faces today.

1566135743 34 hairr

Eviction Or Not…

The fear of getting Evicted didn’t stop The Icons from having their shopping time. Courtesy of Bet9ja, the Icons being the Wager winning team, got their opportunity to buy as much food as their budget could get.

Unfortunately, their shopping time was cut short by Tacha as she accidentally checked out of the shopping session. Oops! Hopefully, they don’t go on a hunger strike this week.

1566138805 34 shopp

Oh and about what Naija thinks about Ike’s new look? See below…

We can’t wait to see the aftermath of tonight’s Eviction and how it’ll affect the dynamics in The Icons team.

Live Eviction Show: Joe And Enkay Evicted

The eighth Live Show served us Joe and Enkay’s Eviction from the Pepper Dem House and here’s how it went down on the BB Naija Stage.

Adorned By Ugo Monye as anticipated, Ebuka came through with all the outfit sauce as he was graciously styled by Ugo Monye in his stunning traditional attire. As he launched the Live Show, his announcement to kick-off tonight’s show was met with a loud applause from the excited crowd.

1566152540 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 7.07.12 pm

Lil Kesh With The Moves

Lil Kesh did not disappoint Nigerians as he got the groove on with his first performance on the stage tonight. Performing his hit singles ‘Apami’ and ‘Efejoku’, trust the crowd to come through with dance steps as the thrilling performance went on.

‘Kilo Sele Gan Gan’ will forever be a tune in the hearts of every Nigerian and this was evident as the crowd jammed and sang along. To wrap up his performance, the ‘Shoki’ crooner thrilled the audience with his ‘Flenjo’ moves.

Thank you Lil Kesh, the BB Naija Stage will forever remember you.

1566152577 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 7.04.42 pm

Joe Takes A Bow

Shortly after telling Ebuka that he wasn’t expecting to be put up for Nomination in Diane’s Save and Replace choice, Joe was announced as the first Housemate to be Evicted tonight. With Venita’s loud cries and the long hugs from his fellow Pepper Dem Gang members, we are certain his presence will be missed in the BB Naija House. After celebrating his birthday in the Pepper Dem grand style, it is quite evident that the creative genius was a favourite amongst the Housemates, even after a short stay in the House.

1566154262 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 7.47.53 pm

On the subject of his fight with Tacha, Joe revealed on the BB Naija Stage that he enjoyed teasing her in the House, knowing fully well that she was a tough one. Interestingly, he thinks Tacha, Omashola and Mike will be likely winners of the Pepper Dem Season, considering the drive and support they have. The resident Albert Macaulay look-alike will surely be missed on our screens and we can’t wait to see the amazing things he’ll get up to outside the House.

Watch Joe’s journey here.

Enkay’s Last Steps

Being the tenth Housemate to be Evicted from the BB Naija House, Enkay said her goodbyes to the Pepper Dem Housemates. As she went through the doors, her exit was received with gloomy faces and best wishes from her fellow Pepper Dem Gang members.

1566156162 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 8.21.49 pm


On her response for why she got Evicted, Enkay told Ebuka that she joked about Nigerians finding her dance steps too good. In addition, she told Ebuka that she found Frodd to be her least favourite Housemate in the Pepper Dem House. In her words, “Frodd just always found a way to irritate me.” When asked about what went down between her and Cindy on the ‘Ludo’ saga, Enkay revealed that she’s got nothing but love for Cindy and the situation was a mere game. On the BB Naija Stage, she further disclosed that she is ready to take whatever life has in store for her. We can’t wait to see her excel, while of course, seeing the amazing outfit styles she’ll bring to our screens. The Pepper Dem dance floor will definitely not forget having you on it, Enkay.

Watch Enkay’s journey here.

With the Eviction of two Housemates, let’s see if the Pepper Dem Gang will heed to Ebuka’s advice on separating emotions from the game.

Elozonam Wins Veto Power

After a simple Task of dipping their hands into gooey filled buckets, Elozonam won the Veto Power Game of Chance.

While still trying to shake off the Eviction shock, the Pepper Dem Gang were asked to move into the Arena for the Veto Power Game of Chance. With 100 Bet9ja coins up for grabs and the power to Save and Replace, the Housemates were not ready to let the opportunity to win tonight’s Game slip by.

The Gooey Buckets

Just as the previous ones, tonight’s Task was a simple one.

In alphabetical order, each housemate was asked to pick a number card from the magic hat. Cindy, Diane, Elozonam, Esther, Frodd, Gedoni, Jackye, Ike, Khafi went first. Then Mercy, Mike, Omashola, Seyi, Sir Dee, Tacha and Venita also did theirs.

1566167675 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 10.16.09 pm


The Winner

After that, one by one, the Housemates dipped their hands into 32 gooey filled buckets from which each brought out different items. After the first attempt, no one was able to fetch the badge. On a second try, Elozonam got lucky and revealed the Veto Power badge. For this, he became the winner of the Veto Power Game of Chance and has earned himself the power to Save and Replace any Housemate at the Nomination Task tomorrow. He has also won 100 Bet9ja coins and 10 Betja coins for each member of his team. Well done!

1566166595 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 10.26.40 pm

With Elozonam’s emergence as the new VPH, will he forgive Diane for not considering him when she saved Sir Dee in last week’s Nomination challenge? Well, finger’s crossed.

Watch the video here.

Source: Twitter – @Paulawh98681598, @TSedirwa.

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