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Omashola & Mercy engage in a War of Words & Big Brother plays Genie on #BBNaija Day 32



 Budding Relationships Alert!

Following Nelson’s Eviction from the House, Diane and Esther finally let it all out. Oh! We also sense that Frodd has a new love interest in the House.

The Resolution

The rift between Esther and Diane over the past few weeks has not gone unnoticed. Evidently, it stirred up as a result of the love triangle between Nelson, Diane, and Esther.

We’re not sure if it’s because of the arrival of the new additions into the Pepper Dem gang or the fact that Nelson is no longer in the picture, but the friends finally decided to air their opinions and close up the friendship distance.

Esther who felt some sort of guilt told Diane she thought she owed Diane an apology on this subject. On the other hand, an unbothered Diane said she didn’t need the apology from Esther and only had issues to sort with Nelson.  Do we reckon there’ll be some sort of ‘Keeping up with Nelson and Diane’ after the Pepper Dem Season, perhaps?

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Pick Me!

Frodd has shown us that he has successfully moved on from his love-interest, Esther. How? His recent interest in one of the newest members of the Pepper Dem gang has raised some eyebrows in the House. Especially seeing that Omashola has not failed to let us know his feelings for Venita as well.

His quest to win Venita’s heart was obvious during his conversation with her in the dressing room, which led to him offering to run her a hot bath in the Head of House bathroom. Must be a good time to be HoH, right?

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Take Me Back To The ’50s

The ‘love and fashion in the 50’s’ Task preparation has the Pepper Dem gang forming bonds and alliances. Diane and Jackye have not only been discussing their Task script but have also been found gossiping about other Housemates.

The latest additions to the gang are not left out too. Upon arrival, Enkay gladly showed off her tailoring skills as she helped her group with sewing fashion statements for the Task ahead.

The Pepper Dem resident creative director – Joe, was also found working on the love story draft his group members seemed to be struggling with.

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We can’t wait to see how the introduction of Biggie’s new guests will change the dynamics in the House. More pepper? Of course!

Mouths Of Fury

Omashola and Mercy engage in a war of words as they prepare for the Thursday Night Presentation Task.

Mercy and Omashola hurled unpleasant words at each other last night as the pressure of the Fashion Show Task keeps mounting. Recall that the Pepper Dem Gang have been tasked to put together a 50’s fashion show for their Thursday Night Presentation and the weight of putting up a spectacular performance has started taking a toll on the Housemates.

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How It All Began
To complete the Task, the Pepper Dem Gang were split into groups. Mercy being the leader of a group, had to select her teammates and that’s how Omashola landed in her group. If she had known she was going to end up in a shouting match with him late into the night, she probably wouldn’t have made that selection. It didn’t take too long for her too to find out though. Unsatisfied with Mercy’s attitude towards the gravity of the work at hand, Omashola decided to make his grievance known in a rather loud way and of course, things turned ugly.

You Are My Worst Mistake!
Regretting her choice of OmasholaMercy yelled out, “You are my worst mistake, I shouldn’t have picked you.” “You are as good as nothing,” she further yelled while hurling more insults at him. Omashola on his part demanded to know why she was going to sleep while the rest of them were still working. He made reference to Venita working tirelessly to make the Task work and asking where the Team leader wasn’t showing as much effort. Also not wanting to be outdone in the shouting match, Omashola expressed regret at being in the same team as her and warned sternly that she should never choose him to be in her group again.

The Peacemakers
Joe and Venita got a taste of the Pepper Dem Drama as they each tried to keep the warring factions away from each other and broker peace in the House. It wasn’t an easy Task, but they did well for their first fight of the House. Venita did a good job calming Omashola and reducing the bass in his voice before she continued preparing for the Task. We wonder if Omashola’s infatuation with her made it a lot easier for her to calm.

Suffering from sleep deprivation and fatigue, the Pepper Dem gang seem to be finding this Task a lot more challenging than the previous ones and unfortunately, are taking it out on each other.  As the time for the Thursday Task Presentation draws near, we can’t wait to see how their efforts will pay up.

Watch The Heated Exchange Between Mercy and Omashola

If Biggie Could Grant Wishes

If wishes were horses, the Pepper Dem Housemates will be riding on their finest lives in the House.

In their Diary Room session with Big Brother today, the Pepper Dem Housemates made some wishes which they believed might help them advance in the game.

The Cup Of Eviction

If there is a cup that none of the Housemates wants to drink from, it is the cup of Eviction. In their Diary Room chat with Biggie, Jeff, Seyi, and Jackye brought forward their Eviction wishes.

In Jeff’s case, he wished he wasn’t up for possible Eviction this week. Seyi and Jackye, on the other hand, both had interesting wishes. While Jackye pined for immunity till the final week, Seyi yearned for power to Evict two Housemates from the game. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but then again, it’s just a game after all.

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The Coins Gang

If you wake some Housemates from a deep slumber to ask them what they want, the first thing they will mention is Coins. The special guests of honour on this list are Ike and Sir Dee.

Ike told Big Brother that he will like the number of Coins given for certain Tasks to be increased. Sir Dee was more specific as he requested for 2,500 Bet9ja Coins?. If there was an ATM in the House, we don’t want to imagine what they would have done to it.

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Take The Twist Back

The perfect opportunity presented itself and some of the Housemates seized it to let Biggie know what they wished for about the twists. Mercy and Diane were the headliners for this show. Mercy said that for the game to advance, she wants Big Brother to take back the new Housemates he brought from the House. Diane wish was along this line as she doesn’t want more Housemates. In her words “It is messing with our heads”. Can someone please remind these ones that Biggie does what Biggie wants?

Future HoHs Dreams

Khafi and Seyi are in this boat as they desired to be the Head of House someday in the House. With the immunity from Eviction this title brings, little wonder why Seyi hoped Big Brother will make him HoH for three to four weeks so he can escape Eviction. But Khafi as HoH? That will be the week. If you know, you know.

More Fun Please

You see this life, especially in the Pepper Dem House, Some Housemates cannot stress themselves. Examples are Omashola and Gedoni. While their fellow Housemates were requesting for above and beyond, Omashola simply asked that the Jacuzzi be opened. Gedoni on the other side hungered for more music in the House. Simply put, these ones came to catch a cruise.

Iconic Team Steals The Show

For putting up an impressive performance, the Iconic team won the back to the 50s stage play presentation.

Based on the quality of their story, play, and wardrobe, the Iconic team won the Thursday Night Presentation of the back to the 50s stage play.

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The Reward For Creativity

For their efforts and creativity, the winning group will be rewarded 100 Bet9ja Coins for each member of the group. This means SeyiSir Dee, Khafi, Tacha, Frodd, and Enkay are smiling all the way to the bank. For Enkay, this is really a rich way to start her journey in the Big Brother Naija House as this is her first win.

A few outstanding performances were also acknowledged by Big Brother. For the beauty of his story and his seamless blend of tenses, Seyi was named the best narrator. Mercy was not left out as Biggie recognized her outfit as the best. All in all, it was a creative night for all the Housemates as they brought their best to the stage. Well done guys?.

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An Epic Journey Back In Time

Still set in the 50s, Big Brother has given the Housemates another challenge. The Housemates are to spend the better part of tomorrow reliving an epic era. They will be provided with local stoves for cooking, a stone grinder for peppers, pestle and mortar to make pounded yam. This means that they must prepare an elaborate lunch of pounded yam and their choice of local soup. Oh, there is more to this. as the only wardrobe, they are allowed to wear until the Arena Games is – wrappers. Wow, Biggie is really going the extra mile with this challenge.

Another Surprise?

While the Housemates were in the Arena displaying their acting prowess, a new Housemates made her way into the Big Brother Naija House. Cindy the latest crew member in the Pepper Dem gang took a tour around the House and made herself comfortable as she waited for her fellow Housemates. Fast forward to the Housemates return. As soon as they entered the House, we glimpsed the looks on their faces and it was epic. We can’t wait to see how the other Housemates will treat Biggie’s latest addition in the House.

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The wager judgment has been postponed until tomorrow night. What do you the outcome will be?

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