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Summer Vibes & A Lit Weekend with DJ Sparrow & CDQ, Highlights from #BBNaija Day 76



Diane’s Splash Party

Summer might be over but the hints of warm weather in Biggie’s House has the Pepper Dem Gang in summer mode – and nothing says summer mode like a pool party.

When it comes to fun in the sun or should we say fun at night, the Housemates sure know how to host celebrations as well as they know how to have fun – well, thanks to Diane for being the mastermind behind this. With pool floats on deck and the finest swimsuits, here’s how the Pepper Dem Gang threw the best pool party. The anticipation even kept Twitter buzzing with the hashtag, #Diane’sPoolParty. Go, girl!

The Sizzling Costumes

Trust the Pepper Dem ladies to come through with feisty looks whenever the need arises. From Mercy to Diane, Khafi and Cindy, the ladies kept us glued to our screens all through their party. Even the likes of Tacha and Mike who didn’t participate in the activities did not fail to pepper us with their pool wears.

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Food and Everything Nice

The Housemates thought they had everything sorted out as they spent the afternoon preparing food and planning their party just before the Arena Games. Little did they know that Biggie knows and hears all, on this note, Big Brother provided grills, drinks and pool games for his guests. The moment he told the Housemates to stop cooking and get ready to receive his treats, the screams let us in on how excited and enthusiastic they were. Thank you, Biggie!

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Even the viewers stayed up to turn up with the Pepper Dem Gang.

The Playoffs

From the water guns provided by Biggie to the carefully drafted games by Diane, the Housemates had a blast at the pool, of course with the infusion of dance moves and Khafi’s popping red lipstick.

The Spectators

They got ready, grabbed a plate of food and with drinks in their hands, Mike, Tacha and Ike walked into the Garden and had their own private party in the “danfo” prop. As they analyzed the game and gossiped about their fellow Housemates, Ike, Elozonam, Mike and Tacha kept us entertained, even as onlookers.

1568431542 34 screenshot 2019 09 14 at 4.24.05 am

Chills In The Dialo Ship

Just before the pool party came to an end, Elozonam opened up to Tacha, Ike and Mike about how bad Diane made him feel in the relationship. According to him, Diane was making him feel stupid in front of the world with her constant mention of a certain celebrity crush, “MG”.

Although it wasn’t revealed who the initials belong to but it was quite evident how the mention of the name hurt Elozonam so much. It took the intervention of Ike, Mercy and Seyi to get the couple talking again and the moment Diane ran to the Garden to lay her head on Elozonam’s chest, it was clear that the two definitely have uncovered feelings for each other.

1568429605 34 screenshot 2019 09 14 at 3.46.40 am

Will this be the end of the Dialo ship or will this seemingly big fight be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Time will tell.

DJ Sparrow And CDQ With The Weekend Vibes

It’s another great weekend and this time DJ Sparrow and CDQ will rock the stage.

It’s another weekend and to light up the Big Brother Pepper Dem stage this time are two renowned Naija music artistes, DJ Sparrow and CDQ. While DJ Sparrow will rock the Party tonight, CDQ will treat us to topnotch performance of his hit songs at the Live Show tomorrow.

Light Up People

With DJ Sparrow on stage tonight, the Pepper Dem Gang should get ready for a smooth blend of Naija music. What better way to light up your weekend than having DJ Sparrow give us hot sounds that will get us shaking what we gat all night long? Trust the pepper Dem Housemates to come through with killer dance steps as they groove to the music. We really are looking forward to Mercy’s electrifying dance moves. It’s going to be so hot we will keep asking for more.

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CDQ On The Beat

It’s going to be a delightful Sunday evening in the Pepper Dem House as CDQ performs at the Live Eviction Show. The award-winning hip-hop rapper and songwriter delights in seeing you get your groove on. On Sunday night, he will dish out great music like never before. With CDQ on stage, it’s going to be fun unlimited. We can’t wait to get our groove on.

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Saturdays and Sundays in the Big Brother Pepper Dem House are special. After gyrating our bodies to cool, soothing songs from DJ Sparrow, we will also be treated to a thrilling music performance from CDQ. Boy, it’s going to be a lit weekend.

The Pepper Dem Gang’s Moments Of Excitement

Check out the times the Pepper Dem Gang were super excited in the Big Brother Naija House.

We have our energetic time, the moment we are extremely excited about certain things. It’s the same way we have our low moments, when we are down and feel like quitting. But in this article, we have packed together all the Housemates’ high moments. In Biggie’s House, here are the Pepper Demons Gang’s Highest Moments.


We all know what Seyi has become since his return from the fake Eviction. Who doesn’t like being recognised? When Seyi became the Head of House the second time, it fell on the week of the Heritage Bank’s Tor Tiv ceremony. As the HoH, he got bespoke attention such as never been given any other Housemates. Besides the coronation ceremony which saw a traditional dance troupe perform, a reception was also organised in his honour. Come and look at Seyi throughout the day. If it was possible to see his heart, we could tell his joy knew no bound. He was all smiles all day.


When you have never owned a thing before and you happened to win it on a platter of gold, how would you feel? Extremely happy right? Of course. We know the resident cup of khafi is full of life any day. But her liveliness was a step further when she won the Innoson car. Guys, we believe you would do more if the first time you will get your first car, it was handed over to you as a winning prize, no dime paid. Khafi was so happy that day, it was a surprise she did not shed tears.

1568487466 34 screenshot 2019 09 14 at 7.38.59 pm


As the cruise man, Mike is always filled with positive energy in the House. Whether during Tasks or at the Saturday Night Party, he never stops to show us that he is in the House to catch fun. So when Jidenna visited the House, his face shone with joy. When he introduced himself, he did it with vigour. This appears to be his happiest moments.


Did you also see the excitement on Tacha’s face the moment she and Seyi returned to the House from the secret room? She was looking all glam up with her outfit. She seemed to enjoy all the attention around her as the other Housemates took them on a tour of the House. Who woudn’t, especially at a time there seemed to be plenty of beefing around you? So if we consider this Tacha’s high moment in the House, it is apt.

1568487432 34 screenshot 2019 09 14 at 7.41.58 pm


Imagine chasing after a babe for a long time with no positive response? Only to wake up the next day and then the lady gave you a warm kiss? Oh, you can imagine how on top of the world you would feel. Yes, it happened to Frodd, though his was slightly different from the scenario. We imagine how very satisfied the man would be the day Esther kissed on him during the Oppo Runaway Task. Even Twitter couldn’t let it slip through.


Imagine your joy when you and your boo jointly win a competition. Yes, it can be a wonderful experience for the both of you. Ike’s moment came when he and mercy won the MunchIt challenge. The excitement on his face that day was like a full blown moon. It’s nice seeing the resident good guy look happy.


Like the other Housemates, Mercy has had her own moment of high spirit. She has also got the time she jumped up for joy. It was when they won the MunchIt challenge. Being the first time both of them would win a Task together, it was a great experience for her.

1568487511 34 screenshot 2019 09 14 at 7.40.45 pm


Remember when Cindy entered Biggie’s House, the surprise on her face. Yes, that’s her own moment. It’s the feeling of super excitement when you see your dream come true. She would later share the experience with her fellow Housemates.


Being his first win in the Pepper Dem House, Elozonam couldn’t hide his happiness when he alongside Tacha won the MunchIt consolation prize. It’s the joy that comes when you thought you had lost the prize in a competition and was later given something for your effort. It was indeed his own moment in the House.


Diane’s high moment in Biggie’s House was when she won the Veto Power. In a House where you don’t know what will happen when you’re up for Eviction, it was worth celebrating. Knowing that she would be safe from Eviction for that week came with much joy.

As human beings, we all have our low and high spirit moments. But the one that gives us the course to remember for long is when we did things that made us proud. In the Big brother House, the Pepper Dem Gang had their interesting times and we cannot but capture it well.

Flight With Travel Beta

The Pepper Dem Gang recreated a commercial for Travel Beta and still had time for a dice game.

Team Lagos and Team New York won One Million Naira each in the Travel Beta Challenge. The Task which was divided into two focused on creating a commercial about travelling to the best holiday destinations and a game of dice. The Housemates were divided into 3 different teams – Team New York, Team Dubai and Team Lagos.

Meet The Teams

For a while now, Housemates have carried out their tasks in teams. It was no different this time. Housemates randomly picked cards that revealed the team each belonged to. Khafi, Mercy and Frodd made up Team Lagos. Elozonam, Diane, Ike and Mike belonged to Team New York and Team Dubai was made up of Seyi, Tacha, Cindy and Omashola. Together they all took on the Task Travel Beta had in store for them.

Roll The Dice

The first Task required that each team roll the dice and every time the die turned a ‘six’, the team had to spell a letter from the word, ‘TravelBeta’. On and on they rolled until Team Lagos (Mercy, Frodd and Khafi) made an amazing comeback to beat Team New York and Team Dubai, securing the One Million Naira cash prize. Ike rolled the most ‘six’ in this Task and we didn’t have to ponder for long on how he got so good. “I paid my bills with this,” he said. Too bad it wasn’t enough to secure a win for Team New York. Fortunately for them, luck smiled on them in the next Task.

The Flight Commercial

Making a commercial might look easy, but it took a lot of work before Team New York sealed this win. The Task required that each team create a two-minute fun commercial for Travel Beta from the original commercial that was played on the TV in the lounge. Ranked the highest in overall creativity, messaging and professionalism, Team New York walked away with One Million Naira cash prize.

Another Saturday, another win. We can’t wait to see how the Pepper Dem Gang perform in the coming Tasks.

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