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Jordyn Woods Opens up on Moment that Changed her Life in New YouTube Video | Watch




Jordyn Woods has launched her own YouTube channel and during her first video shared this week, she talked about growing up on the rounder side and how she dealt with it.

Jordyn Woods reflected on the moment that changed her life, after she was called fat by trolls at age 13, when a photo surfaced of her with Willow Smith.

Speaking about growing up bigger (physically) than her mates, she said: “I always grew up the bigger girl, the taller one, and as you get older you get more and more self-conscious, when you’re young you don’t care as much… but it would be the little things like going to pool parties.

“As time goes on you get so comfortable with accepting that’s who you are… I was comfortable with being in the background and not caring to fit in.”

She said “that moment about being completely heartbroken’ had its silver lining in that it shifted her to find the confidence that she has today.”

Watch the video below:

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