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Here’s What Nigerians & Ghanaians are Saying on Twitter About the BBC African Eye Documentary on #SexForGrades



Kiki Mordi, alongside other BBC Africa Eye undercover journalists, made a documentary on this after gathering dozens of testimonies from female university undergraduates, with a focus on the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana. Dr. Boniface of the University of Lagos revealed that there’s a cold room inside the lecturers’ staff room, where female students are being harassed in exchange for good grades, and Mr. Butakor, a lecturer at the University of Ghana, explained the concept of a ‘side guy’, to one of the undercover journalists who pretended to be a final year student, in a bid to have sex with her.

Nigerians and Ghanians have joined the discussion on Twitter, with victims are sharing their experiences, people are condemning the act(s) and of course, we have some who… well, you need to see the tweets yourself to believe.

See tweets below:

The lengths women go to, just to be free from sexual harassment

Name and shame

It doesn’t start from the university

A case for better parenting

A case of the third party effects of sexual harassment

It’s everywhere around us; you only need to look closer to really see it.

It’s not just lecturers, even a deputy vice chancellor… Powerful people using their power to violate students

There are people who believe the documentary is not a good idea

There are people who believe that the female students ask for this

Then there are people like Adebayo Kolawole

And Kid Thrillz here

Of course there are the people who believe simply avoiding is the solution

Or simply smelling awful

There’s the fear that even if you speak up, nothing happens.

Over in Ghana…

The emotionally triggered

Saving the next generation

Those who believe foreign media has an agenda


Meanwhile, it is important to note that the Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Education Institution Bill, which was passed in 2016, provides for a five-year jail term for a lecturer convicted for sexually harassing male or female students. We hope that this is bill is signed into law soon.

If you are a victim of sexual assault or rape in Nigeria, please check out this list of resource centres where you can get help.

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