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Dimma Umeh Opens Up for the First Time about her Struggle with Depression | Watch



Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Dimma Umeh is opening up for the first time about her struggle with depression, and a medical condition that took her off all social media platforms for a full year.

In this very emotional vlog, Dimma urges her viewers to always speak up about their mental health struggle, and to also desist from online trolling because people are going through a lot of mental issues.

Watch the video below:


  1. mz_daniels

    November 20, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    This low feeling seems to be in the atmosphere especially that relationship bit. Recently, I have been considered the thought that I may be possessed. My mum’s elder sister’s daughter just got married and she didn’t tell my mum cos she was scared that my mum will be sad cos I’m still unmarried.
    This year, I have turned down three marriage proposals;
    – One from a major in the Nigerian Army, another from an engineer in MTN and one from someone my mum connected me to. With the first two, I really tried to make it work but I couldn’t just love or RESPECT them (the respect is the most important to me) and with the third, I didn’t even consider it.
    But I can’t help but wonder if there’s something wrong with me for rejecting these proposals.I wasn’t one of those females that wanted to get married. I just focused on my life and had fun hoping to be a mum at 31. Last year, I was 29 and as I planned for the new year, I knew I needed to get to a point in my career; (seven figures and mid-management in a multinational and complete my MBA) before I get married. The 1st two just happened this month and while I still need to defend my MBA dissertation, I can say I’m practically done. Now I want to be married. I’m one of those goal oriented kinda people and of late, I’ve been feeling low for the following reasons:
    1. I want to make my mum proud; I’m like the black sheep of the family. Made some choices the family didn’t agree with but they tried hard to support; pageantry, fashion sense, feminist ideals etc. so I strove to make my family proud cos of the support I’ve received. Besides, lots of people who are actually jealous of my mum hide behind my unmarried status to form ‘we’re praying for you’. I’m tired of the silent insults she receives.
    2. I’m afraid; I’m naturally independent and I enjoy my own company so I’m scared that the more God blesses me, the less I’d need someone.
    3. I don’t want to be an excuse for lazy/unhappy people; I have a great life, I look really good and I’ve noticed something happening recently. I meet people and they stare at me and then ask ‘are you married?’ when they ask, you can practically see them praying and hoping I’d say no and when I do you can see the relief and satisfaction on their faces as they say ‘it will come’. I’ve noticed this in single females who are just loafing around ( like the females in my office aged 27-30 who are already redundant) and married women who seem unhappy with their life choices and I’m tired of being an excuse for them. I want to be hot ( Angela Basset is my aging goals and I’m working at it), successful and have a great marriage with children.
    4. I feel marriage would provide a form of cover; now recent incidents have shown me that marrying a successful man provides a form of social cover.No matter how we try to deny it, Busola Dakolo’s story was better received because she was married. I’m a marketing personnel in mid-management and I have a passion that extend to content production and film making which I intend to pursue fully from 2021. I just want to have that social cover, more like perfect picture.
    5. I’m afraid; I know I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat it again cos this fear is spiritual. I met a guy we’d call X last year and the chemistry was instant and it was like I heard a voice ‘this is your husband’. I laughed it off because I felt it was his hotness that was confusing me. He tried talking to me non-stop, fixing dates etc but the time was never right and something always happened. Sometime in June, I had a dream where a woman came to me and told me ‘X is your husband but you’d have to be patient cos he’s dealing with a lot of insecurities which she explained to me’. That same week, X asked me out and mentioned those same insecurities as fears he was dealing and we started dating but since then we keep fighting, making up and breaking up. I’m someone who has always clearly heard the voice of God in my spirit. God has always directly spoken to me and I’ve always obeyed but in this case, even when God clearly showed me stuff I’m messing it up; like they show you expo, you still fail so I feel like some spirit beings are against me. Like the ones I don’t like will go all out for me and see my good sides and this one I like, I can’t even show my good sides to. All we do is fight each other like animals and X once said ‘when we met, it was so easy, the chemistry was instant, I don’t know why it’s difficult’. Should I tell you guys that we never even as much as disagree when we’re together, like we’re perfect when we’re together. The guy will carry my bags, clean my shoes, bring me food in bed etc and I’d do same for him; whenever I’m about to leave, he’d always beg me to stay, even if he’s travelling cos he travels alot. He says knowing I’m waiting for him gives him something to look forward to but once we’re apart like this, things will be perfect for about 2-3 days and then we will just be fighting. Yesterday, we had such a huge fight, I had to lock myself in the restroom for an hour and cry in anger, the traffic going home now compounded the matter.
    I’m not even going to fight the low, I’m just going to let it take its course. Like a much older friend of mine told me when she was discussing about life and I told her I want to get married next year, she said ‘You’re one person that’s only specific with her requests and since I’ve known you, God has always answered your prayers. You’ve made me believe in God a lot more’. So I guess, I’ll just have to trust God on this.
    But in all, I’m leaving it in God’s hands. I want to be married by August 2020 ( God already knows the characteristics of the man) Forgive my rant or anything that came across in a funny way. Like Dinma, I feel I’m talking to friends so dear friends, please pray for me.
    PS: I have to go and call that man knowing he won’t pick up. When we fight like this, I give him at least 30 missed calls, he doesn’t respond and I know he won’t respond. I do it cos it’s the one thing that pisses him off, he doesn’t pick cos it’s the one thing that messes with my head. Then a week later, he sends a text or calls and we talk about it and in less than 2 weeks, we fight again. We’ve been fighting on just one issue, I’m willing to meet him halfway but he wants me to meet him all the way and I won’t the man is a stubborn person biko. I sometimes want to flog him like a child.

    • Oluwatidaminiola

      November 21, 2019 at 2:03 pm

      Hello Mz-daniels

      I read every word in your comment and it relates my fears in the years to come. I am younger than you and unmarried but i would like to be your friend.


    • Ify

      November 28, 2019 at 1:05 pm

      Dear God,

      Your child needs You. You know her heart desires. Please hold her in your arms and assure her that you know her deepest yearnings.

      And if this relationship is meant to be, give them Peace and help them work things out.

      @Mz_Daniels congratulations on your achievement’s! Be still and know that God is with You.


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