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Join Violet Anierobi at the launch of Her New Book ‘Chronicles of a Single Christian Sister’ | December 14th



The book, a collection of 10 interesting short stories, examines the challenges single Christian sisters face on a daily basis. Living in Lagos, it is no news that Saturdays are always agog with Owambe parties; of people getting married every weekend. However, the ratio of ladies getting married doesn’t equal that of ladies sitting back at home, awaiting their own ‘knight in shining armor’ or the brave ones who go to those Owambes seeking to capture a ‘knight’ either by hook or by crook.

Written by Violet Anierobi, ‘Chronicles of a Single Sister Lady’ is a riveting book that is scheduled for launch in Lagos.

Date: Saturday, December 14th, 2019
Time: 5:00pm – 7:45pm
Red carpet: 5.00pm – 5.45pm

Venue: The Sun Room; Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

According to the writer, “the book is filled with fictional tales that revolve around the lives of 10
single Christian sisters and the different quagmires they have to face in their quest for marriage to a
good man and for a good home. These challenges sometimes test their faith and may make them do the exact opposite of what the Bible admonishes them to do”.Being a Single Christian sister herself with her fair share of challenges, Anierobi seeks to use the book as a guide to aid other single Christian sisters who may also be plagued by some of these challenges with the simple message that ‘You are not alone’. It is a must-read for both spinsters and bachelors as it gives a peek into the train of thoughts of Christian single ladies.

Tonia, considered by friends and colleagues to be a self-assured lady, has to wrestle with self-doubt and re-evaluate what she has believed all along when she meets James. Mary, an easy-going lady in her early forties decides to stick to her conviction about Fred’s sincerity despite warnings from friends, and now her world is about to come crashing down. Sandra, a self-avowed lover of God, is faced with a fateful decision when she finds out a secret about Kunle. In this collection of riveting short stories, Violet Anierobi takes us on a journey into the lives of ten Christian ladies as they navigate their season of singleness. They will be confronted by make-or-break situations, deal with betrayal, and experience a crisis of faith. Their trust in God, counsel from family and friends, and choices will lead them through different paths”

Violet Anierobi’s writing spans inspirational articles, short stories and poetry, often capturing the everyday experiences of Nigerians regardless of religion, age or gender. She is a mass-communication professional, brand analyst and a graduate of the prestigious Orange Academy. Violet has a broad experience working as a journalist and ghost-writer.
She is a God-lover with a passion for spoken word poetry. Chronicles of a Single Sister is published by AVA communications Ltd.

You can pre-order your copy of this interesting book on Apple books, Nobles and Barnes, kobo and Amazon

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