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Here’s Why You NEED to Know How To Swim & No… It’s Not Too Late to Learn

Have you ever been in a swimming pool and found yourself sinking – like a stone – without a life-jacket or the help of someone who knows how to swim? That is an indication that you need to learn how to swim.



With the ban of motorcycles and tricycles in Lagos, Nigeria, many Lagosians have been left stranded on the road and have resorted to trekking long distances or begging people (especially strangers) for rides. To ‘ease’ the stress Lagosians will go through during this period, the governor of Lagos state unveiled 15 boats for commercial operation and promised to make it 30.

Although many Lagosians have kicked against the policy and even had a peaceful protest, one thing is for sure : we need to be less dependent on our roads and it’s time to diversify our mode of transportation. The outright ban of okadas and kekes without already putting an alternative in place is quite wrong, but it is quite interesting that the government wants to place focus on water transportation – years after private companies have done so.

Anyway, the recent ban on motorcycles and tricycles in many parts of Nigeria is an indication that many Nigerian states want to explore alternative means of transportation and put less pressure on our roads. For a coastal state like Lagos, Lagosians have the option of using the waterways as a mode of transportation. It is thus very important for Nigerians to learn how to swim.

Swimming is a very important and life-saving skill everyone should have. Have you ever been in a swimming pool and found yourself sinking – like a stone – without a life-jacket or the help of someone who knows how to swim? That is an indication that you need to learn how to swim.

Who swimming epp? People who can comfortably be in water without having the fear of drowning!

Why should you learn how to swim?

Stay Fit

Shebi one of your new year resolutions is to start exercising and keep fit? You have the perfect opportunity now! Swimming is a full-body exercise – it activates your heart and keeps all your muscles well toned. It is an amazing way to stay fit, helps keep you in shape and improves your health. The best part of it is that you get to have fun while exercising.


Remember we said swimming is a life-saving skill? With the current change in climate, you might, at some point in time, need this awesome survival skill in cases of flooding. In Nigeria, many states experience flooding which claims the lives and properties of many Nigerians. There’s no guarantee that the government, or people, have put any plan in place to halt flooding once it starts raining. You can save your life and other people’s lives by learning how to swim. If you use the ferry regularly and you don’t know how to swim, we’re subbing you right now. Catch it.

Swimming is a Life-long skill

Just like learning how to ride a bicycle, swimming is a skill that you have for the rest of your life – you never forget it. So if you’re scared that you have to continually pay for the lessons, you’re wrong. Learn it now – once and for all.

It’s not expensive

You don’t have to pay monthly subscriptions for swimming. All you need is the willingness to learn, water (a pool), your swimming kit and a coach. Of course, you will have to pay your coach, but don’t forget that once you pay for the lessons, that’s all.

An avenue to make money

You know in Nigeria, we are always looking for money ?. Teaching people how to swim is a cool way of making money. Whether you have a 9-5 (it’s 5-9 in many parts of Nigeria) or you’re an entrepreneur, teaching people how to swim is a nice side hustle to have. Go make that dough.

On a less serious note, with the recent ban of motorcycles and tricycles in Lagos – which will, in the nearest future, probably spread to other parts of the country, Nigerians may have to start making use of O’swim – swimming to your destinations ?. We’re not shading you, but this is to let you know that in this age and time, learning how to swim is non-negotiable.

Have you made a commitment to go swimming? Do you know how to swim?

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