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Wondering how to make Father’s Day special? Hennessy has the Perfect Pick for you



Fathers have always been very hard to figure out when it comes to ‘gifting’. They hardly give any clues to what they like and the fact that they never ask for anything makes it even harder to find the perfect gift.

Regardless of knowing what your father may or may not like, this Father’s Day, show your old man just how special he is with these amazing gift ideas that are sure to make him happy and make father’s day a memorable one for him.

It’s no news that when the scenario is right, fathers love to dress up in their fanciest suits to look and feel good! This is why a one of a kind cufflinks to bring the whole look together is a great gift.  Yes, cufflinks might be cliche, so take it a step further and have their initials or a very heartwarming quote engraved on them.

Speaking of engraving, we all know fathers cannot resist their liquor. So, This Father’s Day, send your father a set of engraved cognac glasses. This could be great for when your father is hosting friends and family or even if he is just relaxing by himself. There is something about items being of more sentimental value when it has your name on it.

What use will an engraved cognac glass be if there is no deserving cognac in it? A one of a kind collector’s item, the Hennessy VSOP Limited Edition designed by UVA is the perfect gift to show your father just how ‘Limited Edition’ he is. This gift is sure to show your father just how much you love him!

Make this Father’s Day immensely special for your father with these amazing gifts!

You can purchase the Limited Edition Hennessy VSOP at Ebeano Supermarket or on

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