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We’re Counting Down to Another Thrilling Season of “The Men’s Club”

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RedTV’s anticipated series “The Men’s Club” season 3 will premiere on Wednesday, July 22. The series, directed by Tola Odunsi and written by Dami Elebe, promises to be an intriguing watch with a firm promise to do much more than excite its teeming and sophisticated audience with the adventures of four Nigerian men and how they navigate their mainly drama-filled tumultuous love lives.

The series stars Ayo Ola, Etim Effiong, Efa Iwara, Sharon Ooja Egwurube, Baaj Adebule, amongst others.

“The Men’s Club” (TMC) is a series created by REDTv. The series centres on 4 young men from different Nigerian tribes and the problems they face in their life. The men in the TMC3 are played by Aminu, Tayo, Lanre and Louis, who are navigating life, winding through several relationships, breaking hearts and getting hearts.

Watch the trailer here:

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