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Tosin Ibitoye, Shalewa Ashafa & Tobi Bakre discuss ‘Ghosting’ on Episode 1 of #NdaniRealTalk with Tomike Adeoye



It’s Tuesday and time for some real talk!

Episode 1 of #NdaniRealTalk season 4 here and we are really getting into the groove of things. On today’s episode, host Tomike Adeoye discusses the concept of Ghosting with actors Tosin Ibitoye, Shalewa Ashafa, and Tobi Bakre.

ghost·ing: the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. E.g: “I thought ghosting was a horrible dating habit reserved for casual flings.

Have you ever been ‘ghosted’ on, or have you ever “ghosted” on someone before?

Watch the video below:

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