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An Overnight Protest at Alausa & Other Things Nigerians are Doing to Secure a Better Nigeria



Photo by @jamescandids

You probably already know that Nigerians showed up en masse to the streets on Thursday, October 8, to protest the extrajudicial killings and assault by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Celebrities like RuntownFalzTiwa SavageWurlDDJ Spinall, together with Nigerians from all works of life showed up and demonstrated at the protests, demanding that the killings and assault stop.

What you probably didn’t know is that people stayed up all night at the Lagos State Government secretariat in Alausa, intent on having the government do something about the wanton abuse.

Here’s what been going on while we slept:

Twitter user @SavvyRinu who had previously shared that the governor’s Chief of Staff had assured the protection of protesters, around 9 PM, then shared that the police, led by the state’s commissioner of police Hakeem Odumosu, was towing away the vehicles of protesters and carting tents away too.

With the tents and canopies and chairs carted away, Nigerians stayed put, demanding that their voices be heard.

While protesters, including comedian Mr Macaroni, stayed put overnight, others were home working to secure their comfort, too.

Twitter user and food vendor @Mosopemi shared that she had a plan to prepare breakfast for 50 people. Quickly podcaster FK Abudu got to work raising funds, and, so far, over ₦500,000 has been raised, covering the breakfast and snacks for protesters.

People from different industries are also reaching out across their network, encouraging everyone to go out and join the protests. The abuse affects us all, they are saying.

There’s boss Mark Essien enjoining tech CEOs to support the protests. There’s TV host Frank Edoho asking that Nigerian celebrities join in the fight.

Nigerians are also reaching out to international celebrities and media houses, hoping that their influence can force the government to make change. Cardi B, who has been mentioned by several Nigerians, replied to a tweet saying she would do her research.

And Lagos isn’t only where today’s protests are taking place. There are protests in Ibadan and Abuja. Nigerians everywhere are standing up for their rights.

See tweets about all that’s going on with the #EndSARS protests.

Photo Credit: @jamescandids

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