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Yvonne Orji takes Us through Her Journey of Cultural Expectations & Self-Discovery on “Now With Natalie”

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Culture often dictates that our worth, path and identity are determined by our race, our gender, the things we’ve done, and the things that have been done to us.

In this series, host Natalie Manuel Lee digs beneath the surface to uncover what it really means to be bold, transparent and confront our shame. She speaks with people at the top of their industry, from the realms of music, radio, politics, television and philosophy to find out how they navigate shame and translate their hardships into opportunities to refine instead of defining themselves.

Host Natalie Manuel Lee sits down with dynamic Nigerian-American comedian and actress, Yvonne Orji. Yvonne’s story, confidence and faith are magnetic as she takes us through her journey of cultural expectations, self-discovery and her career in the entertainment industry. Yvonne sheds insight on growing up in two cultures and on the source of her strong convictions and inspiring confidence.

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