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Folawe Omikunle of Teach for Nigeria discusses the Educational System on “Under 40 CEOs”



Familusi Akin Babajide (FAB) talks with Folawe Omikunle, the Chief Executive Officer at Teach for Nigeria about the educational system on this episode of “Under 40 CEOs“.

Folawe Omikunle graduated from Babcock University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Law and Diplomacy.

Upon completion of her Master’s degree at the Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster in 2010, she returned to Nigeria and took up an appointment as a School Administrator at Kradle Academy, a Montessori Pre-school in Lagos, Nigeria.

Folawe began to think of education inequity as a systemic problem while working as an Administrator, through an experience where an orphaned child was enrolled at her school. Folawe’s experience at this school developed her insatiable interest in education and social development, which spurred her journey to enrol at Modern Montessori International, London for a Diploma in Montessori Education. She believes that the only way Nigeria will reach her greatest potential is by educating and investing in her human capital.

Watch part 1 below:

Watch part 2 below:

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