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Chris is about to Quit his Job in Episode 4 of The Naked Convos’ “Little Black Book”

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In episode 4 of The Naked Convos’ “Little Black Book“, Cris finds the courage to tell Dami he wants to quit his job but it doesn’t go down well with her. Tade and Leo attend the Eko Future City Cocktail event where they run into Gladys right before a shocking announcement.

The Belinda Yanga directed series was scripted by Abosi Ogba and Sally Kenneth-Dadzie and produced by Lydia Idakula-Sobogun. It stars Ikechukwu Onunaku (Leo), Teniola Aladese (Tade), Oreka Godis, Anee Icha, Floyd Igbo, Chimela Azurunwa, Kiki Omeli, Jeffrey Kanu, Omoye Uzamere and many more.

Watch the new episode below:

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