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LUTH says “second wave of COVID-19 is even more easily transmitted and deadlier too”



Despite initial attempt in containing the pandemic, the COVID-19 infections have been growing rapidly across different parts of the world, and Nigeria is no exception. To slow down the further spread of the virus, medical experts are bringing back measures such as curfews, bans on social gatherings, social distancing, and other preventive measures.

Chris Bode, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) for Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), on Wednesday said in a statement that the COVID-19 second wave is ravaging our land and claiming many lives.

Part of the statement reads:

The resurgence of COVID-19, through the newly mutated form, is ravaging our land, claiming many lives. Unlike what we witnessed in the first wave, this one is even more easily transmitted and deadlier too.

It is, therefore, imperative for everyone, first and foremost, accept that COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and we must prepare to confront it all over again. What we see on the streets, worship centres and social interactions, parties and daily activities call for concern.

In a period when the ‘enemy’ has doubled back and is attacking us ferociously, we seem to be celebrating a false victory and denying the danger is still around us. We need to observe all the basic rules we have been following all along and wake up to the present reality.

The CMD, however, is advising the public to disregard all forms of social engagement till the pandemic goes away, while also urging the public to follow these basic rules:

  • Shelve all forms of social engagement for now: no parties, churches, mosques, meetings. Tell yourself it was better to stay alive.
  • Wash your hands frequently and before you touch the face, eyes and mouth.
  • Wear face mask obligatory (most important).
  • Maintain a social distance of at least six feet away from others where you must be with anyone.
  • Do not hold face-to-face meetings with others, go virtual for now; if you love your aged relations, insist on these tenets for now. Do not go visiting them until the pandemic goes away.

See the full statement here:

1 Comment

  1. by_stander

    January 7, 2021 at 8:54 am

    See ehn, you sound like a bunch of fools.

    What is the point of this announcement, when one idiot has told over 100 million Nigerians to go and do NIN with biometrics in the middle of a pandemic?

    These are also people with other forms of identification.

    No Nigerian is going to take anything this government says seriously again after that stupid directive.

    How can the minister and his errand boy NCC boss still be in employment collecting salary paid by thesame set of people he has endangered their lives with his stupid directive?

    And nobody has filed a personal lawsuit, NCDC , PTF and State Governments all silent on the issue.

    LUTH you people are not serious, by the time your staff is overwhelmed you will stop talking for talking sake.

    Just wait and see how many infections and deaths comes off this stupid directive.

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