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Watch the Trailer for “Still Falling” starring Sharon Ooja & Daniel Etim Effiong



The official trailer for Dimbo and Karachi Atiya‘s forthcoming movie “Still Falling” is finally here.

The anticipated Nollywood title which will premiere in cinemas nationwide on February 12, tells the story about love and forgiveness. This story of opposites love and hate, faith and doubt, grace and guts, triumphs and regrets will get everyone taking a deeper look at their motives and choices. But how much is hidden behind painted doors? Can we truly know someone? Are we as steady in faith as we think we are or are we ‘Still Falling’? How do we tell a story of forgiveness when wounds refuse to heal?

The forthcoming movie stars Sharon Ooja, Daniel Etim Effiong, Bethel Njokwu, Liz Amery, Lulu Okonkwo, Laura Fidel, Eddy Madaki, Chavala Yaduma, Zeal (Styl-Plus) and many more.

Watch the trailer below:

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