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Sunny Neji speaks about the Impact of COVID-19 on the Music Industry



Recording artist, Sunny Neji, popularly known for his hit single “Oruka“, speaks on the impact of COVID19 on the music industry with Arise News. He says,

COVID has had its own impacts on the music industry of course, also on me. So I’m not going to say it’s been COVID all along. Before COVID, I was trying to do some other things and then suddenly COVID came and it put most of the things we were planning on hold and so here we are. And we’re hearing that the second wave has started and we just hope that it’s not going to be as devastating as the very first one we had.

Concerning if the industry has evolved in creativity he says,

Creativity is relative. Personally I would say yes, creativity has been increasing steadily and if you agree with me, our music is like more acceptable all over the world now. There’s no where you’ll go to that you will not hear people jumping and dancing to our beats. So creative wise, I think that we’re doing quite well personally. But it’s just that as an industry with structures, I don’t think we’ve been doing very well in that regard. At least not yet.

Watch the interview below:

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