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Kemi & Dolapo’s #AFreeUnion Valentine’s Day Wedding Was A Dream Come True!



We most certainly always love a good reason to blush and guess what? We got it! More than enough reason, in fact! Are you eager to know what we’re on about? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you. You know how we’ve been going on and on about #AFreeUnion.

Well, Kemi and her boo, Dolapo are the lucky couple who won the all-expense paid wedding and they had the wedding of their dreams! All thanks to Union Bank and BellaNaija Weddings.

It’s a whole lot of emotions for us, the most prevalent being our excitement. The only people more excited than us, are the adorable couple themselves. Kemi and Dolapo, had a truly magical Valentine’s Day celebration. Yes! They exchanged their vows on 14th February 2021. What better day to seal the ship of your love and what better way too! Their love is a sweet reminder of how beautiful love is. Awesome moments as these are the reasons why love will always be celebrated. ?

Now, we get to relish all the beautiful moments of that day in photos and videos as well!  Right from the bridal prep to the first look, vow ceremony, reception and after-party, everything about their day is absolutely worth seeing.

There’s more! Along with all the exciting photos, we get to enjoy their love story – just as Kemi shares it. Here’s a hint, it started with a DM! Dolapo moved smoothly from Kemi’s DM on Instagram into her heart and thanks to that, we’ve got a magical wedding to always remember.

We’ll just let you enjoy it all for yourself.

Keep scrolling to get all the gist on how Kemi and Dolapo met and enjoy the photos of their beautiful day.





How We Met
By the bride, Kemi

It all started on 21st August 2018 which was on my birthday. Dolapo sent a DM on Instagram wishing me a happy birthday then asked that I follow back. I checked his page and followed back. The next day he messaged again and asked for my phone number and for the first time on my DM, I did not hesitate to give him my number and he sent his, too. In my head, I was expecting him to call but he didn’t till 1st October which was independence day and also a public holiday, so when he called he asked where I was and I told him I was at my studio attending to clients and he asked for the location, I told him and he said he was just a street away and in less than 5 minutes he appeared.


Immediately he saw me, the first thing he said was “Wow! You should be in Milan or Paris modelling!” I smiled but I couldn’t really attend to him, because I had clients in the studio. So he suggested to come back and see me later in the day. Lo and behold, he came back and we had a long conversation about our careers and aspirations. It wasn’t anything about love on the first day.

He spoke so maturely and sweet, so we clicked immediately because we had a lot of things in common. He being a fashion designer and entrepreneur, and I also myself being a model and a hairstylist made things interesting for us. The same month was Lagos fashion week and I invited him to the show as I was one of the models that walked the runway. That was where he asked me to be his girlfriend.




Of course, I had been waiting for that question because I’ve liked him since the first day I saw him. However, I played hard to get for like a month before agreeing to date him. That was how we became lovers and started dating. 1st January 2020, he proposed to me and it was a YES! A Yes to forever with the love of my life.




Now it is time for the vow ceremony. Let’s get into it.














And then Johnny Drille came back to perform the bride’s favourite song a second time.





The winners of the #AFreeUnion proposal were also present to celebrate with the beautiful couple. You should totally check out their all-expenses-paid proposal too.




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