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“Final Say”, “The Bank Statements” & Being a New Dad – Banky W gets Candid in this Interview with Toolz



In this new interview on the Beat99.9 FM, Banky W and Toolz have an interesting conversation about his latest track “Final Say“, his forthcoming album “The Bank Statements“, his wife Adesua Etomi Wellington, being a new dad, a “teacher” and the effects of the pandemic on artists.

On how the pandemic has affected him as an artist and if he misses partying, he says,

I guess music and art is just one part of the things that do. I’m a musician, I’m a filmmaker, I am a businessman. So I think everybody in the world was negatively affected at some point or the other by COVID. You know, business slowed down, for artists… there were no shows, no events. Even your corporate people who would normally use their marketing budget to entertain. There was no end of year concerts. Nothing. So it definitely was a tough time.

Luckily for me, December was when we actually went to go prepare to have Zaiah. So I was going to miss it anyway. That’s now my most important job description. Being a father or learning to be a father. We were getting to the end which was hospital visits, doctors, checkups, all of those things. So my mind was completely focused on that. I didn’t have time to think about partying.

About what inspired “Final Say”, he says,

It’s a fun song but it’s a faith song. It’s for anybody who’s waiting on God for something. The crux of it is that delay is not denial and that whatever it is that you’re praying for, working for, waiting on God for, it is still possible. And for us, Obviously, that was Zaiah. The journey towards having a child is an interesting journey and for some people like us, it can be a very challenging job… It’s like the whole country is marrying with you and then everybody’s waiting for you to have a child.

When asked if he’ll reveal baby Zaiah’s face soon, he says,

We’re not there yet. I think what we’ve tried to do is be very intentional about what er share and when we share. We understand that fans want to know and fans want to feel a part of your journey and I think we’ve done a decent job of bringing our fans along. But it’s always when we’re ready for it.

Watch the conversation below:

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