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Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel talks Building Wealth as an Intrapreneur on Arese Ugwu’s “The Smart Money Tribe” Podcast



Founder of and the author of two best selling personal finance books; “The Smart Money Woman” and “The Smart Money Tribe“, Arese Ugwu has launched new episodes of her “The Smart Money Tribe” podcast and you’re going to love them.

This podcast includes money conversations for African millennial women and will focus on personal finance, business finance, lifestyle and the economy. Find out how established and emerging female entrepreneurs, authors, businesswomen, and other inspiring leaders grow and manage their money, create good money habits and more.

In episode 11, Head of Commercial and Development at Sahara Group, Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel joins the conversation to discuss building wealth as an intrapreneur. As an oil and gas executive with over a decade in the African oil business, she knows the ins and outs of being a successful intrapreneur. They discuss how to build wealth working within a corporate structure

Watch the episode below:

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