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Valerie Ike has a New YouTube Channel! Get to know her a Little More with this Q&A Tag



Media personality and event MC Valerie Ike has finally launched her own YouTube channel.

The first-ever episode of her vlog is an opportunity to get to know her a little bit more as she answers 20 random questions about herself.

Announcing her new vlog, Valerie wrote,

I’ve gone over how to write this caption to make it sound really cool but tbh I’m both nervous & excited to announce that I’m launching my YouTube channel! *If you muttered finally under you breath then you better watch & subscribe ;)*

My first video is live on the channel so feel free to click the link in my bio and get to know me a little better 😉Very excited for the content I’ll be putting out and I’ll suggest you’ll get familiar with my avatar cause you’ll be seeing ALOT of her!😁❤️

Okay. Thank you. Bye 😂🙈❤️

Watch the question and answer tag below:

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