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Everything you Need to Know About Rocking 4C Hair on the Fab Lane – According to Glory O. Kings



Hello, #BellaStylistas! We are excited to bring back our hit series BN Fro Friday! Every month on, we will be celebrating the beauty and diversity of our African hair in all its glory by putting the spotlight on some of our favourite Naturalistas who share their hair story and journey with us. If you’d like to be featured, please send an email to [email protected].

I love the versatility of my natural hair. Being able to style it however I want at any moment is a blessing. I can literally look like 5 different people by styling it in 5 different ways, says beauty vlogger Glory O. Kings. 

Born to a Nigerian father and Kenyan mother, Glory is a natural hair enthusiast who posts content on Instagram and Youtube related to natural hair, beauty, and lifestyle. She’s currently based in Turkey and has been a naturalista her entire life and has dealt with many challenges, however, she has come out loving her hair even more.

With no plans of ever relaxing her hair, Glory tells us all about her natural hair journey so far for #BNFroFriday.


BNSTell us about your hair 

Glory: With my natural hair, I would say I once had a love-hate relationship with it. Growing up, I have always been natural, my mom did not allow me to apply chemicals (relaxers) on my hair because she believed it would do more harm than good even though I had full, thick, and “stubborn” hair (as I called it) or rock of ages (as some friends would say). I have Low Porosity 4C natural hair, my hair would break and ruin combs and styling tools if I tried manipulating it dry, which was very painful and draining for me as a young girl.

Back then there was little to no information about 4c natural hair, the closest I saw to my hair was 4B. That led me to start a Youtube channel to share my struggles with other natural sisters and show how I style my natural hair. I had still not realized I had low porosity hair, I would follow what I read online about caring for 4C hair not knowing these were tips for high porosity hair, I always wondered why the products I applied on my hair were not penetrating my hair and why I had dry scalp but my hair would be packed with product buildup.

In my journey of understanding my natural hair, I came across a major setback in September 2020 which was a bald spot, I developed a bald spot due to stress which caused the hair at the nape of my head to break off tremendously and a bald spot at the back lower-left corner of my scalp. This was a devastating and draining experience for me because I had to upload videos for my viewers to watch, I had to upload styling videos. The motivation to do any of that left me, I did not want to do anything with my hair and for the first time the thought of cutting my hair.

BNSDid you ever hide your natural hair?

Glory: I never did, I did not have any reason to, I always believed my natural hair was beautiful regardless of the texture.

BNSHow long have you kept your natural hair?

Glory: I have always been natural. I started growing it out about 9 years ago but I used heat here and there. I stopped using heat about 5 years ago. Plus I trim it yearly or twice a year.

BNSHow does the climate where you live affect your hair?

Glory: During the winter my hair would be really dry, I usually put it in protective styles (wigs) but in the summer it flourishes so I am most likely with my natural hair out when it’s warm.

BNSDo you have any other hair problems?

Glory: Finding products in Turkey that work for my hair type is extremely difficult, so I opt for natural oils and I make my hair butter with shea butter. I am still growing out the nape of my head and the bald spot, that is something I try to focus on when caring for my hair.

BNSHow do you deal with the negative effect of climate and the hair problems you face as a natural?

Glory: I would wash, moisturize and put my hair in a protective style, then wear wigs most of the time.

BNSWhat’s your stance on natural vs chemical products?

Glory: I cannot really say much about the chemical products because I used the chemical products when I was much younger and did not know about natural hair, but now I am an all-natural products girl. From my oil mixtures to my hair butter, and that has been working for me so far.

BNSWhat’s your daily, weekly and/or monthly hair routine?

Glory: I try to wash my hair at least once in two weeks, it should not exceed that unless I have a protective style (braids and twists extensions) I moisturize my hair twice a week, and when it is not stretched, I spray water after I shower just to dampen it.

BNS: What advice would you give to people thinking of going natural?

Glory: Know what hair type you have. The porosity is really important. Do not follow everything your favourite Youtuber uses, find what works for your hair type, and stick to a routine for at least a month. Always moisturize and deep condition regardless of the hair type you have.

BNS: What do you like best about your hair and being natural?

Glory: I love the versatility of my natural hair. Being able to style it however I want at any moment is a blessing. I can literally look like 5 different people by styling it in 5 different ways.

BNS: What are your favourite styles to rock?

Glory: A low bun. It is really easy to make, literally takes seconds, and goes well with any occasion from the gym to school, church, meetings, and date nights. It is the best. I also love the flattest styles as well.

BNS: Do you have any hair crushes?

Glory: Right now I do not have any. When I did, it made me compare my hair to theirs, so I stopped and just love their hair for them and love mine for me.

BNS: Are you particular about sleek edges?

Glory: Definitely not. My 4C, low porosity hair edges do not align with edge controls or gels. So I do not even bother most of the time. I just brush my edges and I’m out.

BNS: What hair accessories can you NOT live without?

Glory: Bobby pins (they create the shape and style) and a hair tie.

BNS: If you were stuck on an island, what 3 hair products would you take with you?

Glory: Shea butter mix, oil mixture, and my spray bottle.

BNS: What’s your remedy for a bad hair day?

Glory: A satin head wrap or spray some water and put in a low bun. And I’m good to go.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Glory!

If you’d like to be featured, please email [email protected], and let’s make it happen!

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