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Catch Up on 7 Episodes of New Web Series “Mostly Straight” Season 1



If you love Nollywood series and are looking for something new to entertain yourself, here’s a high school web series titled “Mostly Straight“.

The series stars Henry Chukz, Johnpaul Gosioha, Kimbel Simeon, Ivan Imoka, Jessica Ndigwe, Shawn Foster, Anyaene Nkiru, Angela Udewulu, Oscar Udeoji and many more.

“Mostly Straight” is directed by Ivan Imoka, produced by Henry Chukz and Ivan Imoka, and written by Obasi Nnamdi.

Watch the first seven episodes now!

Episode 1 – The New Girl:

Episode 2 – Bros First:

Episode 3

Episode 4 – It’s Over

Episode 5 – A New Guy?

Episode 6 – The Wingman

Episode 7 – The Wingman 2

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  1. chifu

    June 16, 2022 at 12:24 am

    Boring as F%*+. They are also not serving what they think they are

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