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Yvonne Orji will be a Guest Host on “The Ellen Show” Next Year!



Whoop whoop! It’s a double celebration for Nigerian-American actress and comedian Yvonne Orji who launched her new book “Bamboozled by Jesus”.

Yvonne was on “The Ellen Show” for the first time to talk about how before becoming a comedian, she was on track to become a doctor. She also joked about her dad treating her new house as if it were in an episode of “MTV Cribs“.

The “Insecure” star further chatted about her new book, “Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams” and ended up getting a “recommendation” from Elle DeGeneres to be a daytime talk show host, as she has always wanted.

Yvonne shared clips and photos from the episode on Instagram saying:

That time Ellen gave me her blessing to be a talk show host!

I went on @theellenshow to talk about @bamboozledbyjesus and messed around and got Bamboozled my darn self when she gave me a verbal endorsement to have my own show. Welp, it’s out there now. Jesus you’re up. Do what you do best, and continue to blow my mind!

Ellen recently revealed she is ending the eponymous talk show after 18 years and its upcoming 19th season, in spring 2022. At the end of the hilarious discussion, Ellen proceeded to ask Yvonne if she would guest host one of the episodes for her final season.

Yvonne who rocked a gorgeous green suit set “because Naija green is the colour of power. We no fit carry last,” was honoured to accept the offer.

We can’t wait to see the magic Yvonne brings to the show on her special episode! And we’re definitely looking forward to her daytime talk show.

Watch the interesting conversation below:

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