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You Don’t Want to Miss this Episode of “Is This Seat Taken” featuring Prettyboy D-O



Chinasa Anukam goes on a date with Nigerian pop artist Prettyboy D-O on this episode of “Is This Seat Taken” and it’s just on a different level.

Talking about her date with the singer, Chinasa wrote on YouTube;

D-O was the intimidating senior on my table for two years in high school so to say this is the LAST place I expected to find us is the understatement of the century.

Nonetheless, I’m so proud of his journey and all he has been able to accomplish. Very few artists have an understanding of the importance of brand identity and of cultivating a relationship with your fan base like he does and it’s obvious in how hard y’all ride for him. Also this man did not just come on time, he was early! Then there’s the fact that the music just slaps! I always tell him I’m a friend and a fan! Thanks for lending your time and talents dear. Jah protect your stepping$ always @prettyboydo ??

Watch the video below:

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