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Binge Watch 9 Episodes of Kayode Peters’ Hilarious Web Series “Meet My Girlfriends”

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Nevada Bridge TV has a web series “Meet My Girlfriends” produced by Kayode Peters and it’s super hilarious, you should totally binge watch it.

The series follows the adventures of three housemates Olori, Nkechi and Sonia. It stars Daniel Lloyd, Rosemary Abazie, Lolo, Zynell Zhu, Bukola Oladipupo, Uche Nwaefuna, Ego Nwosu, MC Abbey and other talented actors.


Episode 1: Sonia is left to deal with her crazy friend Olori, a friend from her uni days. Unfortunately, Olori turns out to be a boyfriend snatcher, and Nkechi her roommate had to deal with Olori’s crazy-ass attitude!!!

Episode 2: Olori found job hunting stressful but later settled for one which got her into a deep mess, and the cunning princess framed Sonia to deal with it.

Episode 3: Olori turned to a Reverend sister because of missing period while Sonia got stuck with a molester as her boss. Do you think her boss would go scot-free from the girls?

Episode 4: Nkechi and Olori got caught up with ‘SAPA’ and learnt how to make money online (Fiverr) from Nora.

Episode 5: Olori found herself a promising job that landed her in a shocking position. The girls got stuck with a nagging aunt wanting them to get married.

Episode 6: Nkechi and Olori finally found love!

Episode 7: Nora almost had heart failure due to an imaginary love. Olori got a shocking revolution that left her quiet for the first time.

Episode 8: Olori found love and was sent packinG. Do you think they can do without Olori in that house? Find out now!

Episode 9: The Movie Shoot.

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