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Biodun Da’Silva: Making the Best Use of Our Time on Earth




On my last visit to Nigeria, I was driving in Lagos when I got caught up in heavy traffic. I was shocked; today is Saturday, there shouldn’t be traffic! Thankfully, it wasn’t a standstill and we still moved slowly. I looked ahead to see what was happening and I noticed there was a collision between multiple cars. As I got closer to the accident area, I noticed a lifeless body of a biker on the road. He was involved in the accident and didn’t make it. I was just shouting “oh my God! Oh my God” until I drove past the spot of the accident. I had PTSD throughout that weekend and up until now, the sight of the scene of the accident still haunts me.

I drove past the accident scene a few days later and there was a free flow of traffic, and commuters went about their normal duties. It was business as usual. If you didn’t witness the accident, you’d never know something happened just a few days back. The guy who died had reached the end of his road and the world didn’t stop spinning. Just like the biker, all human lives will end. Death is not a question of if it will happen, it is a question of when and how it will happen.

Time is our pre-eminent gift and most valuable asset. It can either be our loyal friend or our greatest enemy. The time between the journey from birth to the grave is the only time we have on earth and are mostly in control of. While many are making the best use of that time, many more aren’t. Since our lifetime begins at birth and ends in the grave, it means we have a timeline allotted to us. How we choose to utilise these times are completely up to us.

Within every human being lies a seed that has been predestined for us to harness in order to manifest our potentials for the growth, development and the continuation of the human race. In essence, we are here to contribute and play our part in the advancement of human civilization. The history of human civilization is characterized by men and women who have not only used their time, talent, skills and intellect to further the growth of our world, but left a legacy that transcends generations.

All the comfort and convenience we enjoy today is a direct result of men and women who have sacrificed their time, effort, intellect for the betterment of humanity. Can you imagine a world without electricity? Thomas Edison solved that problem centuries ago. The Wright Brothers fabricated and flew the first airplane; traveling on a ship to get to another continent isn’t the easiest way of migration. The advent of the internet brought about social media and other social amenities that didn’t exist decades ago. Imagine having to go through life without the internet? In today’s world, it is fast becoming impossible. Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf are credited as the inventors of the internet.

Generations before us have done the legwork for us. Impacting the world by making the best use of our time doesn’t require much. Thank God for technology, it can be used as a tool to  leverage to attain success. A short comedy skit can lighten a heavy heart and a small show of kindness can live long in the hearts of men. Live, laugh, love and be loved. Travel, meet new people, make new friends. Eat well, love what you do and do what you love. Be content with your life, demand more from life if you are not. Learn, unlearn and relearn. Live life on your own terms. Memories, good or bad, are what we will be left with after all said and done. While you still have the time, make good ones.

The world needs your time, talent, skill sets and intellect. Better men have died and the sun still shone. But the legacy they left is the footprint that will live long in our heart for years to come. Your time is your life,  live it well.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of ” – Bruce Lee.




Featured Image: Pexels

Biodun Da-Silva is a Writer, Columnist, An Entrepreneur and a Humanitarian. She is passionate in the area of helping other women find/use their voices and their purpose for the greater good of mankind. Her writings has been featured in numerous print and digital publications and her blog can be read at

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