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4 Reasons Why TECNO Phantom X is the Stylish Choice for Fashionistas & Influencers



Hey fashion-forward BNers! Isn’t it a dream to have a phone that can also double as a fashion item? It definitely is.

For so long, many have had gadgets hinder their glam looks in many ways. Imagine wanting to use a dainty sling bag and can’t because your phone is too big to fit in it. Or you have sleek trousers on, and the fit of your smartphone in its pocket is downplaying the overall cool look you’re gunning for.

Sometimes, phones come in boring colours that don’t sync with your outfit choices. All of these are frustrating scenarios that should be history with the right stylish phone choice.

That is why TECNO’s Phantom X is an absolute favourite. First of all, have you seen what that phone looks like? It is sleek and beautiful and classy for days. Here are the reasons why so many fashionistas and influencers are crushing on this phone!

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  1. Colour
  2. Design
  3. Camera Performance
  4. The secret sauce – virtual assistant Ella

Colour and Design

The Phantom X comes in 2 art-inspired colours – Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer

Phantom X has the industry’s first curved silk glass surface etched texture. This is one of the reasons the device looks so elegant and suave. Even before holding it, you just know there is something different about the phone. The phone isn’t just elegant, it is also artistic. And that becomes very obvious from the colours the phone comes in.

PHANTOM X comes in two colours: Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer Garden.

In case you do not know, Van Gogh and Monet are two of the most popular artists of all time. These colours give the device a mysterious and exuberant look that you can’t ever overlook.

Impressive Camera Performance
Everyone loves to lock down their fabulous look. Same say – “why put in the effort to look glam if it’s not going to get on the gram?”

So the type of phones they like are the ones that not only look great (and make them look great while at it), but also have great camera features. Phantom X checks this box too!

Phantom X has triple rear and dual front cameras. And thanks to its 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with a 1/1.3-inch Ultra-Large Sensor, you will take swell night pictures on your fun nightlife of great quality.

Cityscape photo taken at night using the Phantom X

Superb Virtual Assistant, Ella
Unlike what some people think, many fashion lovers are also ambitious go-getters. Many have fast-paced, on-the-move lives daily. Here is where Phantom X’s Ella comes in.

Ella is that ever-present, on-the-move assistant that helps you take notes, set alarms and reminders or even add a note to your to-do list, (and so much more), in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is speak to your Phantom X, and you’ll get things done on your phone just like that. Perfect, isn’t it?

Watch how Ella works as Fisayo Fosudo plays around with the Intelligent assistant


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Of course, these aren’t the only features that the Phantom X has. The device finds focus in a flash with full pixel dual-core focus and laser focus. It uses an integrated neural network to ensure that every portrait is flawless. You can edit your own videos with your own hands, and have a perfect outcome.

Phantom X blurs out cluttered backdrops and puts you sharply in focus, even when you’re on the move. It has the most used Office software built-in so you can work on the move. And you can chatter away with friends without interrupting your favourite videos with its floating pop-up message notifications.

What more can be said? Fashionistas and influencers love the Phantom X, and you must see why by now.

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  1. Olusegunade

    August 21, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    The camera is so awesome

  2. behankey

    August 22, 2021 at 12:03 am

    Everything about the phone makes it enticing.

  3. Scarycuteface

    August 22, 2021 at 12:08 am

    The design and features are top notch

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