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SLA’s Yasmin Belo-Osagie discusses Money Making Moves in Episodes 10 of “Spill The Tea with the Abebes”



In episode 10 of “Spill The Tea with the Abebes,” Moet Abebe and Nicole Abebe sit with Yasmin Belo-Osagie as she dishes out one solid financial advice after another, after another!

Yasmin brings in the “rich aunty vibes” as she delves into the topic ‘Money Making Moves’.

It gets personal when she talks about starting She Leads Africa, her parents, making her first million and so much more!

Watch the new episode below:

In case you missed episode nine, Moet and Nicole hosted the unapologetic and beautiful media personality, Venita Akpofure.

No matter your skin tone or gender, we have all been held to some weird “Beauty Standard” that we have either been forced to alter or lost gigs based on that.

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