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Become a Successful Content Creator with these Tips from Patricia Bright | “Vogue Visionaries”

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In the seventh instalment of British Vogue and YouTube’s “Vogue Visionaries” series, following tutorials with Celeste, Sam McKnight, Alexa Chung, Jourdan Dunn, Naomi Scott and Bernardine Evaristo, Patricia Bright gives her advice on how to grow your audience on YouTube, pitch for partnerships, diversify your income as an online creator, and offers her tips on managing work/life balance.

From three-point lighting to where to find the best equipment, Bright also gives an in-depth look behind the scenes of her home studio, to reveal the failsafe techniques she uses to create her videos. Above all, she says, this business is about perseverance – “if you can show up all the time, you will win.” And remember: “Be yourself, because it’s far more effort to be someone else.”

Vogue Visionaries is an exciting series that will educate and inspire anyone who wants to make waves in the worlds of music, fashion, arts, beauty and business.

Read excerpts from the series below:

Patricia Bright on starting out:

“I made the switch from being a financial consultant to an online content creator after I had built a little bit of a following. I’d been doing it for about a year and I could see that I was gaining traction as well as booking some work. And the industry wasn’t what it is today, there was no such thing as an online content creator, and I actually didn’t tell anyone that’s what I was doing because I was a little bit embarrassed about it.”

On how to develop your strategy:

“I actually don’t think I had to develop my unique selling point, I actually realised I had to be more myself because that’s what people came for. And we’re in a space where people just want to hear from other people that they feel they can relate to. When it comes to finding your niche, you really want to look at something that you’re probably obsessed with, something that you would do every day even if you weren’t paid to do it.”

Patricia Bright’s tip on how to stand out in a crowd:

“My two tips for standing out in a crowd are to have a unique editing style – pick something that feels very signature to you that you can recreate over and over again. And another tip is to be really consistent – show up every day, twice a day, three times a day, and you are going to outwork the market.”

Top tips for beauty creators:

“My three top tips for beauty creators is to show what things actually look like. Don’t put any skin blurring on, don’t put any fake effects, nobody wants to see that. Number two, be really honest about the brand and the product that you are using. If you don’t like it, say, and also say why. And the third thing is to be pretty on top of what’s new and what people want to know about.”

Finding balance when sharing your private life online:

“Honestly I don’t have any regrets with some of the things that I’ve shared online. When I shared certain personal stories, I know that it was helpful to someone so, for me, that outweighs the embarrassment that I may feel about what I’ve put out. So I shared a lot of my birth story online because I watched so many other women give birth and it gave me so much confidence that I felt like I had to pay it forward by sharing my experience and I get comments every day from women who say it’s been valuable to them.”

Dealing with negativity on social media:

“YouTube have tools in the backend where you can block certain words. I definitely block any kind of racist terms, I don’t want them to be seen on my platform. I also personally love the block and mute button as well.”

Patricia Bright on being a working mum:

“I’m gonna be honest with you, being a mum, a wife – I’ve got two kids – is difficult and I’m not going to pretend that it’s, you know, all roses and fantastic. It definitely has its difficulties. And there are times in the morning where I’m like, ‘oh no I can’t do this.’ I will go back to bed because I can’t handle it. However, I’ve found that calling on my support system is super valuable.”

Diversifying income streams:

“I think one of the things that I learnt from the pandemic when it comes to having a business is to diversify my revenue streams. I tried to make sure that I have other ways of making money outside of just relying on brands to give me a deal. I came up with a couple of products that I delivered that my audience loved and it was something that I wanted to focus a lot more energy on.”

Finding your niche:

“Now I found that my niches are very different. I love the beauty and the fashion, and then the finance, so what I’ve done, I’ve actually split the platforms. The thing that I found pretty difficult coming into a new niche is being accepted by the finance community because I look a certain way, I talk a certain way, I’m not, you know, a mathematical genius like some of them. But you know I’m there representing and actually I think that it’s great to have someone slightly different in a new niche.”

The three most important lessons:

“The game is perseverance rather than talent. If you are able to be consistent and show up all the time you will inevitably win. The next lesson that I’ve learnt is that you have to be yourself because it is far more effort to try and be someone else. And the next lesson that I’ve learnt is to be patient.”

Watch the video below:


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