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A Mutual Friend, A BBM Status & 9 Years Down the Line – It’s #TheDKMatrimony



The statement, “love can happen anywhere” is one that holds true even to this moment and always will! From random or seemingly mundane activities, love can be born. For Dami and Kanmi, it all began with a BBM status!

About 9 years ago, Dami’s friend who also happened to be a friend of Kanmi had posted Dami on his BBM status. That picture caught Kanmi’s eyes and he knew he had to reach out to the beauty that was Dami. From getting her contact to establishing a friendship, the ultimate happened. Now, like two peas in a pod, the pair have become inseparable and gone on to seal their love.

After a colourful traditional wedding, Dami and Kanmi took it to church and had a beautiful white wedding ceremony. If we had just one word to describe the #DKMatrimony, it would be lit! Serenading the couple to their first dance was the uber-talented Chike. Sean Tizzle came through for the after-party and it was a blast. #TheDKMatrimony was an absolute funfair and all the moments captured have us feeling ecstatic.

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below.

How We Met
By the bride, Dami

Kanmi and I met in 2012. He had seen my picture on a friend’s BBM status and immediately he wanted to meet me. He found out I lived on the same street as him in the UK. So, he collected my number and we got talking.

From great friendship to dating, then dating with purpose, we had our moments of fall out but we always came back running into each other’s arms.

9 years and meeting each other’s amazing family, lots of memories, and growth, it was glaring that we could not let each other go.

Traditional Engagement

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White Wedding

Bride: @missdammie
Groom: @kaylaoye
Planner: @trendybeevents @bisolatrendybee
Photography: @806photography |@awgzzz
Stylist: @lavish_bridal
Wedding dress and veil: @aprilbykunbi
Second outfit: @odiomimonet
Third outfit: @kikstylish
Bridesmaids dresses: @kikstylish
Makeup: @zainabazeez
Hair: @veebezofficial
Hairstylist: @adefunkeee
Earrings: @swarovski
Wedding shoes: @manoloblahnik
Bridal robe: @kikstylish
Bouquet: @adelasflowers
Videography: @wrgoimagery
Decor: @victoriaf_events
Special effects: @ibiyemiabayomi
Cake: @heladodelicia
Groom’s Outfit: @tdacouture
Groom’s Shoes: @overallpremiumbrandslagos


Traditional Wedding

Bride: @missdammie
Planner: @trendybeevents @bisolatrendybee
Stylist: @lavish_bridal
Asooke: @bisbodv
Tailoring: @odiomimonet
Second outfit: HOH from Oyeog Fabrics
Second outfit: @betho.bespoke
Makeup: @eeswatmakeovers
Gele: @taiwos_touch
Videography: @wrgoimagery
First outfit Shoes and purse: @renecaovilla
Second outfit shoes: @renecaovilla
Second outfit purse: @Benedettabruzziches
Jewellery: @kanzjewels
Bride’s watch: @versace
Decor: @victoriaf_events
Cake: @pomelocakes
Groom’s Outfit: @magnumstitchesafrica
Groom’s Shoes: @overallpremiumbrandslagos


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