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RiRi Okoye: The Benefits of Coaching



Temi was a talented makeup artist but only her close family and friends got to experience her craft. She started her makeup business years ago but she just wasn’t getting ahead. The business was slow.

She was frustrated because she knew she had the talent but few people knew about her and her uniqueness. People thought Temi was just like every other makeup artist. 

Didi, her best friend, said “It’s not enough to be good at what you do. More people need to know about what you can do. It’s a numbers game. You can’t just stick to family and friends. You’ve got to reach more people.”

Temi looked at her sadly and said, “I don’t even know where to start.” Didi said “Don’t worry I will introduce you to a coach that can help you.”

Temi was introduced to a coach who gave her plenty of guidance. She spent some weeks creating her vision, mission, brand essence identity, and her brand value proposition.  She also had something unique called a colorimentry service that she was going to offer her audience which uses the full spectrum colour wheel and a large variety of different colour scarves to determine what colours and shades of colour suit each individual based on skin tone, eye colour and hair colour and, to a lesser extent, hair style. It was a complimentary session, given when an appointment for a full facial make up was booked.

Choosing this service as a point of difference has many advantages for Temi:

  • It helped her stand out from other makeup services in her area who don’t offer this service.
  • Having this extra skill shows commitment to ongoing improvement of her abilities and her business which boosts her professionalism and capability.
  • It shows Temi’s interest in providing the best possible service for her clients.
  • Clients are given individual focus and attention and feel her full interest in their features and in their personal preferences, increasing potential loyalty.
  • It gives the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with clients, which is very essential in building a loyal fan base.
  • Knowing Temi puts this much effort into getting make up perfect for each individual strengthens her appeal to clients.
  • People love getting something free, it greatly increases their willingness to pay for her services repeatedly.
  • These sessions, as well as her makeup sessions, gave Temi plenty of visual marketing material – before and after pics, fun experimental pics or video clips of her doing her job which she posted on her  IG, TikTok, SnapChat and Facebook.
  • She received guidance on creating and executing a marketing plan. 

After weeks of coaching and taking action on consistency, visibility and showing up, the opportunities started to flood in, and before she knew it, she was getting streams of new bookings. Temi not only experienced a turnover in her business, she also discovered the power and benefits of having a coach. She saw her best friend Didi at an event and she had a big smile. 

“What happened?” Didi asked.

Temi said “How long have you got?”



Featured Image: Dreamstime


RiRi Okoye is an Event Planner & Confidence Life Purpose Coach (Certified). If you would like business resources from her, you can visit or follow her on IG @ririokoye

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