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Ebere chooses survival above everything else in “Akwuna” starring Stella Damasus & Nnamdi Kanaga | Watch the Trailer

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The beauty of film is that it conveys stories that people would not typically be able to hear. Stella Damasus takes on the role of Ebere, a Nigerian lady looking for greener pastures in America, in the film “Akwuna,” and for the sake of survival, she has to become a sex worker.

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The film’s title translates to ‘prostitute,’ and it is produced and written by Nnamdi Kanaga, with Stella Damasus serving as an associate producer. Oluyinka Davids is the film’s executive producer as well as its director. 

The film is set in modern-day America, where immigrants flock to find a better life. Tim Meadows, Nnamdi Kanaga, Sara Rashelle, and Kelechi Ekeong also star in this film which will premiere in 2022. 

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Watch the official trailer below:

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