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Tomie Balogun talks financial literacy & investment on “The Smart Money Tribe Podcast” with Arese Ugwu

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It’s another episode of “The Smart Money Tribe Podcast” with your host Arese Ugwu, the founder of and the author of two best selling personal finance books; the “Smart Money Woman” and the “Smart Money Tribe“.

In this episode, Arese talks to Tomie Balogun, an innovator and award-winning leader in the financial services industry in Africa. She has 15 years+ worth of experience across management consulting, telecommunications, investment advisory and Fintech.

On leadership, Tomie provides strategic leadership focused on promoting financial literacy, reducing poverty levels and democratising investment opportunities for millennials and Gen Zs in Africa. Through her initiatives, she has successfully educated 100,000+ people on the benefits of financial education and helped them take action on investing actively.

Find out how she’s making an impact in his video below: