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Beat Plastic Pollution One Bottle at a Time When You Join DonateNG’s “Bottle Toilet” Initiative

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Plastic waste, open defecation and proper environmental hygiene have become a significant challenge in our world today, particularly among populated cities of the world, and  have led to many environmental hazards threatening life on land and in the sea.

The production of single-use plastics and the uncontrolled release of plastic debris facilitating large amounts of plastic waste have found their way into our ocean, causing severe ecological problems, risking human health and causing marine species extinction.

With this and the desire to eradicate these life-threatening challenges, the International Climate Change Development Initiative Africa has developed the Bottle Toilet Project to be launched in some communities in Lagos as the project pilot. This project aims to build a toilet in community spaces to reduce plastic waste, curb open defecation and create a healthy environment for lives to thrive. This sustainable solution is a strategy to reduce single-use plastic littering in Lagos, across the country and beyond its shore.

The initiative requires collecting plastic bottles to build a toilet in the selected community to reduce plastic pollution and curb open defecation in communities that lack such facilities. This will be done in different states. This hybrid approach will facilitate the recycling and reusing of plastic to indiscriminate the disposal of used plastic, elevating the sustainable lifestyle of all concerned.

The Bottle Toilet Project will improve the environmental hygiene of the communities concerned, help protect lives below water, and help directly and indirectly restore our ecosystem and national environmental biodiversity for economic and community benefit and also support the Sustainable Development Goal that seeks not to leave no one behind by 2030.

The Bottle Toilet approach which seeks to “beat plastic pollution one bottle at a time” will prove beneficial and sustainable for these communities that need it the most.

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