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Be Transformed with The Catalyst: Making Positive Affirmations Work for You

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If you want to become successful, find satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, and live in health, peace, and abundance, positive affirmations are one of the most powerful tools that you can use.

It’s important to start your day with affirmations if you want to manifest all your dreams, visions, and desires. Each day, make statements that describe your goals in their completed, present, and real-time state.

To develop your physical, emotional, mental stamina and resilience, use daily affirmations. As you inculcate this into your routine, you begin to believe what you say and work towards the actualisation of your vision and goals.


Instead of merely writing your affirmations down and repeating them out loud, you should also paint a picture of them of your goals. Visualise it.  

In The Power Of Daily Affirmations, I explain how visual images motivate you to take intelligent actions, make you feel and own the changes, prepare you mentally and emotionally for unforeseen challenges, and develop the requisite skills to actualise your vision in record time.

Avoid Negative Statements

In my neuroscience, psychology and coaching certification classes, I teach the difference between affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences. Stop using negative sentences like, “I am not poor.” Instead, consciously convert them into positive affirmations, like “I am rich.”

That which you focus on persists and is continually experienced. So, if you focus on what you don’t want, you will continue to attract and manifest it. When you conceive a negative statement or thought in your mind, your subconscious mind that executes doesn’t understand them as negative statements, instead, it takes out the negative elements or words, and takes action. For example, when you say “I am not poor,” the subconscious mind deletes the negative word, “not”, and reinterprets your instruction as “I am poor” instead. 

It is best to affirm what you want instead and say “I am rich” so that your subconscious mind can execute it directly and powerfully.

Include Your Emotions

Don’t just say your affirmation because you feel you have to. You’ve got to believe in them. Be emotional about them, this gives you something to be hopeful for.  

Daily affirmations are very powerful tools for total mind and life transformation. Try it today.

I am The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola. I Transform Lives By Transforming Minds. Follow me on all my social media @lanreolusola for more transformative content.


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